Rajasthan witnessed First Ranthambore Festival at Nahargarh Palace!



Winter is the best time when Rajasthan plays host to number of festivals viz-Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur Jewellery Show, Rajasthan International Film Festival, Magnetic Fields, Kite Festival to name few but this year there was one more crown added to the already existing list of Festivals of Rajasthan and this was The Ranthambore Festival that happened for the first time and one of its kind at the Nahargarh Palace of Ranthambore. The three day festival that took place between 27-29th Jan was an initiative by NGO Pukar Foundation and Alsisar Hotels. The core team behind the conceptualiztion of this magnanimous event was  Abhimanyu Singh Alsisar (Hotelier) and Ashutosh Pandey, who brought together international and Indian musical luminaries, nature and wildlife conservationists and lovers, business thought leaders on one stage.


The Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on 27th Jan2017 inaugurated the event, which was a huge turnout.


The venue of Ranthambore Festival was none other than the most luxurious heritage hotel Nahargarh (Alsisar Hotels) that resembles a 16th century fortress. Once a hunting ground for the Maharaja’s, the grandeur and sheer magnificence of the architecture of this palace with beautiful arches and chhatries, halls, courtyards, avenues, and terraces when illuminated during the festival with lights was the sight to behold.


With this festival Abhimanyu Singh Alsisar continued an age-old tradition of patronage to promote both Ranthambore and folk artists of Rajasthan. Before the festival Abhimanyu travelled for several months and hand picked 36 talented performers from the interior locations of Rajasthan so that to preserve and encourage the cultural wealth of our state which is almost dying.


For all three days the six areas of the Nahargarh Palace viz. Annexe Lawns, Bookasmile Hathikund Main Stage, First Stone Amphitheater, Pool Side, The Den and The East Terrace were buzzing with people coming from different parts of the world.


Bookasmile Hathikund Main Stage


First Stone Amphitheater

The events started as early as 6.30 am and continued till 2 am at night. The success of the event can be imagined when the First Stone amphitheater was fully occupied even at 12.30 am when the film based on the various artists performing at Ranthambhore was screened.


Wildlife panel discussions, films, workshops, drum circles, live cooking sessions, photography exhibition, handicrafts displayed at the festival altogether made for a complete festival experience at the remote location of Ranthmbore.

Let’s have a glimpse on people who visited, performers who performed, the little handicraft market, the food stalls and some highlights of this first ever festival happened in the land which till date was known only for its wildlife but now for sure in the coming years people are going to remember Ranthambore for Ranthambore Festival too cause after the successful start we all know that our next travel destination is going to be this place.

Till 2017 cherish the moments!











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