Baneshwar Fair 2017


baneshwar Fair4

Rajasthan is synonymous to cultural galore and festivities. Each year multitude of festivals, celebrations, trade fairs, exhibitions, and cultural events make the visit to Rajasthan even more interesting for the foreign and local tourists in Rajasthan. The Baneshwar Fair in Rajasthan’s Dungarpur district is one such event that draws both locals and tourists for the fun and cultural element attached to it.

Thousands of pilgrims and tourists attend the Baneshwar Fair. An integrated culture of the place to be held  from 08-11 February 2017 in Dungarpur, this fair is organized majorly by the tribal community in the state. It reflects their customs and traditions. The fair revolves around various rituals and bears a religious significance. The name “Baneshwar” is derived from the “Shivlinga” of the Mahadev Temple in the region where the fair takes place presently. A tribe of Rajasthan called “Bhil” celebrates the festival with pomp and galore.

International dance Day

The popularity and charm of the Baneshwar fair is not just confined to the state of Rajasthan. The neighboring states Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh show equal enthusiasm during this fair. The festival and the mela venue hosts a number of attractive stalls and makeshift shops that specialize in selling handicraft items came from different parts of the country. The items on display for sale in this exhibition reflect the varied cultural attributions of the place. Other beautiful attractions of Baneshwar Fair include delectable food stalls, animal shows, magic show, puppet dance and folk performances by local artists.


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