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Vibrant streets of Pushkar during the Pushkar Fair

Vibrant streets of Pushkar during the Pushkar Fair

The temple city of Pushkar which is famous for its Brahma temple (the only temple of Lord Brahma in the world) and Pushkar lake raises the spirit of all during the annual Pushkar Fair when this beautiful town bustles with lively mesosphere.


The boisterous bazaars of Pushkar is the spectacle that one shall never miss; the streets refreshed in the shades of red, yellow, pink, blue are, synonymous to the people of Rajasthan and their culture. It’s interesting and fun to navigate on Pushkar’s narrow alleys during the fair time when each and every corner is brimming with action.

Let us take you on a totally different sojourn in the galiyan of Pushkar.













Chandrabhaga Fair 2017 from Next Week in Jhalawar

Chandrabhaga Fair 2017 from Next Week in Jhalawar

A dip in the Holy Chandravati river is the highlight of Chandrabhaga Fair which is held every year in  Jhalrapatan, 6 kilometers from Jhalawar. The fair is held in the Hindu month of Kartik. This year the fair will be held from 3rd to 5th November.

Chandrabhaga fair-jhalawar

A big cattle fair is an important part of the event. Multiple cultural and musical activities are also organized to enthrall the viewers. Deepdan, Shobha Yatra and various competitions form the most attractive part of this 3 day affair. The fair attracts pilgrims and travel enthusiasts from world over.

camel fair

If the travel bug is biting you or you simply want a spiritual experience, head to Chandrabhaga Fair next week.

Celebrate this Christmas with Bird Fair in Udaipur

Celebrate this Christmas with Bird Fair in Udaipur

Here’s a good news for bird enthusiasts! The third edition of Bird Fair will begin on 25th December in Udaipur. Everyone from experts to bird-watchers to general public can be a part of this fun event. A bird photography competition for women and another photography competition will be the highlights of the Bird Fair in Udaipur. For students, quiz and poster-making competitions will be held. Children will be able to get bird-tattoos as well.


There will be a bird-racing on 22nd December. For the racing, the experts will be divided into multiple teams and taken to an area where they will analyze birds and submit their report to the organiser. The team, presenting report on the maximum number of birds, will win.


This Bird Fair will increase awareness about different varieties of birds. Make the upcoming Christmas holidays fun and start planning a visit to the Bird Fair in Udaipur.


Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace Ranks Amongst the 50 Best Hotels in the World

Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace Ranks Amongst the 50 Best Hotels in the World

Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace has been ranked amongst “50 Best Hotels & Resorts in the world” in the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards 2017. The hotel has ranked no. 25 in the World and ranked no. 2 in India with a total score of 98.38 out of 100 marks.

rambagh palace

More than 3,00,000 travelers took part in the 30th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey. Millions of ratings and more than 100,000 comments were used. The data was then analyzed to create a list of winning favourites that are shaping travel across different categories that include castles, safari camps, hotels, river cruises and islands among others.

rambagh palace jaipur (7)

The list features the top-rated newcomers and stalwarts known for providing authentic, personalized and unexpected experiences for their travelers. Among the hotels the Palace has been rated highly for its commitment to quality across facilities, location, service, food, and overall value for money.

rambagh palace jaipur (2)

The General Manager, Rambagh Palace, Mr. Manish Gupta said that Rambagh Palace has always been a consistent testimony of trust among its guests. We thank all of them who voted for us. This award will further inspire the iconic hotel to reach new milestones.

rambagh palace jaipur (1)

It is to be noted that this year Rambagh Palace was also rated among top 100 hotels in the world by ‘Travel + Leisure Readers Travel Awards 2017’. The Palace also ranked 16th in India in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards and was rated among top 10 Heritage Hotels in the world by Travel Weekly, UK for the year 2017.

rambagh palace jaipur (5)

Rambagh Palace is a living legend in Jaipur. It is to be recalled that originally built in 1835, Rambagh Palace, Jaipur has stepped gracefully through many royal transitions. In the finest tradition of Rajput hospitality, the Rambagh Palace offers its guests a taste of royal living – a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of kings. Its elegantly appointed rooms, marbled corridors and majestic gardens echo with history.

Pushkar Camel fair 2017 Programme Details

Pushkar Camel fair 2017 Programme Details

There’s nothing like Pushkar Camel Fair. It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of Rajasthan and experiencing the festival is the dream of every traveler. This is the time when Pushkar comes truly alive. The small sleepy town comes out of its hibernation mode and becomes the playground of people from world over.

pushkar camel fair (4)

The history of Pushkar Fair is a hundred years old but the festival keeps not only that historic spirit alive but also has new age elements to it now. This year the much awaited fair will begin on 28th October and will culminate on 4th November on the day of Hindu festival Kartik Purnima.

pushkar camel fair (3)

pushkar camel fair (6)

Pushkar Camel Fair has so many events and activities that your day will be full but we advise you to take out a little time to stroll in the narrow lanes of city. Also, don’t forget to try local foods and do indulge in retail therapy. Spend some time at the famous Brahma Temple and watch the evening Aarti at Pushkar Lake too.

pushkar camel fair (2)

pushkar camel fair (1)

For your convenience, here’s a tentative schedule of the events planned at Pushkar Camel fair 2017.

pushkar fair 2017

pushkar fair 2017 programme

pushkar camel fair 2017

pushkar camel fair 2017 schedule

Have fun and click lots of pictures!

Pushkar Fair 2017 schedule source

Rajasthan Heritage Week 2017 to Showcase State’s Rich Heritage

Rajasthan Heritage Week 2017 to Showcase State’s Rich Heritage

Famous fashion choreographer Prasad Bidapa will be presenting another edition of Rajasthan Heritage Week soon. The event is aimed towards ‘branding Khadi and Handloom masterpieces and position them as true luxury that is rare and unique.’

rajasthan heritage week 2017

Rajasthan Heritage Week showcases traditional textile arts of the state in integration with the most talented designers in India and abroad. India has so many varieties of textiles and related art forms which need dedicated promotion. Such fashion-oriented events help in making India’s youth aware of their rich heritage and encourages them to integrate traditional styles with their modern sensibilities.

rajasthan heritage week

Rajasthan Heritage Week will be held from 7-10 December 2017 at Diggi Palace in Jaipur. The event is presented by The Khadi Board along with the Government of Rajasthan, in association with Prasad Bidapa Associates.

You can watch the introductory video here.

Image source

More Tourist Circuits Planned in Rajasthan

More Tourist Circuits Planned in Rajasthan

After Swadesh Yojna for salt tourism, Prasad Yojna for Ajmer and Pushkar, Krishna circuit and Spiritual circuit, central government has given nod to another tourist circuit- heritage circuit in Rajasthan. Religious circuit, Mega desert, Eco-tourism and Tribal circuit are four more plans which have been approved. There are also proposals to develop Marwar and Mewar circuits as these regions feature prominently in the touristic map of the state.

Pushkar Lake

Rajasthan has always been among top tourist destinations in India. Now the state has been chosen as the most favourite travel destination by central government. This means that more impetus will be given to tourism here and infrastructure development is the most important part of the plan. The state will soon be even more traveler friendly which is bound to increase interest of tourists.