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5 Wellness Destinations of Rajasthan

5 Wellness Destinations of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its grand forts, vibrant clothes, tempting food and traditional values. Keeping up with the old traditions, the state is a good option for those looking for Naturopathy treatments. Mostly the South of India is known for wellness centres but Rajasthan is not far behind. For those who come to visit the state and want some relaxing time, there are some very good Naturopathy Centres. Rajasthan is also a good option for holistic healing if you don’t want to travel much.

Naturopathy is considered alternative therapy for treatment of various ailments. Many health problems can be cured with just the natural treatments. These treatments cure not just your body but also make your inner-self feel rejuvenated. Rajasthan has to be your next wellness destination-


1.Nature Cure Centre, Jaipur

Prakritik Chiktsalaya jaipur

This centre is located in the heart of the city and is popularly known as Prakritik Chiktsalaya. The centre is especially popular for providing relief from asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, obesity, jaundice, spondylitis and arthritis. The non-invasive treatments provided at this centre include mud baths, water therapy, fasting and sunbathing.


2.Government Yogic Treatment cum Research Centre, Jaipur

life style

This centre is a great option for people suffering from asthma and diabetes. As the name suggests, Government Yogic Treatment cum Research Centre is also a place where yogic methods are taught and researched. The centre set up in 1961 provides free accommodation to its patients.


3.National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur

National Institute of Ayurveda Jaipur

This impressive institute was started back in 1946 and has 13 medicinal departments. It also has a hospital that follows Ayurvedic methods of treatment. The centre is good not only for cure but also for prevention of many diseases.


4.Vipassana Dhamma Thali Centre for Meditation

Vipassana Dhamma Thali Centre for Meditation

The organization has centres in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Pushkar and Churu. Vipassana is a universal, scientific method towards purifying the mind. According to the institute, the technique of Vipassana is a simple, practical way to achieve real peace of mind and to lead a happy, useful life. Vipassana means “to see things as they really are”; it is a logical process of mental purification through self-observation.

If you are new to Vipassana, start with a 10 day course. Experienced people can also join courses of 20, 30 and 45 days.


5.Sri Mahaveerji Sansthan, Sawai Madhopur

Sri Mahaveerji Sansthan Sawai Madhopur

This institute is well known for its relaxing mud baths. You can come here to get cured of respiratory and digestive troubles. The atmosphere here is very calm which aids in healing.

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Save Your City- Go Green, this Diwali!


Diwali Festival spells sparkle, festivity and fire crackers. But the joy of diwali celebration could actually be damaging our planet in the long term!

So this year, why not “Go Green”?

We don’t mean to stop celebrating the festival but we actually mean to change the way we  celebrate this festival of lights…

It’s not as difficult as you thought, just a bit of efforts will make your city free from environmental hazards.

Go for fresh flowers, daals Rangoli

Colourful rangoli is synonymous with decorating the house for Diwali. Colours used to create these magical rangolis contain harmful chemicals.

So why not opt for fresh flower petals or can even consider using colourfuldaals/ beans or even spice powders off the kitchen shelf.

Decorate with your imagination and play around like-

yellow- haldipowder, orange peels-orange color, beetroot peel for magenta, blood red chilly powder, green moong daal or an orange masoor daal.

Avoid fire crackers that pollute the air…
It may be fun to watch the fire crackers light up the dark sky on Diwali,, but have you spared a thought for the fact that this temporary joy actually causes air and noise pollution?

Avoid fire crackers this Diwali or minimize lighting up if you must, and contribute towards  keeping the planet green!

No fancy lighting; go for diyas
Avoid using wasteful electric illumination or fairy lights to brighten up your home or establishment. Opt for the traditional earthen oil lamps, which actually create a magical effect.

Earthern diyas are a zillion times better and more beautiful than fancy lights!


Let’s celebrate an eco-friendly diwali with your friends & family!