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Rajasthan’s Police Station Gets A New Avatar For Children


Have you ever seen colourful drawings on the walls, toy cars, dolls, carom boards and comics in a police station room?

RTBImage Credit – Hindustan Times

Sadar Dholpur becomes Rajasthan’s first child- friendly police station with colourful room for children at the police station. Children are mostly scared whenever they have to come to a police station, concerning children in need of care and protection or in conflict. According to some officials, the main idea behind creating this room is to give the children who spend a few hours in the police station a lively and playful atmosphere so as to help them open up to the police and provide them with the congenial atmosphere. Room’s renovation and development is done through crowdfunding and activist Rakesh Tiwari – who works as an advocacy officer with Prayatn, an NGO working for women and child rights has played an instrumental role in the same. As a part of crowdfunding, the Rotary Club came forward and got the walls painted, Ramlal Bansal paid for carpeting of the room, Majid Sharifi bought the furniture and so on. The creation of this room at Sadar Dholpur is a first under the ‘Ek Kadam Bachpan Ki Or’ campaign and subsequently, a room for children will be created at all 850 police stations across the state of Rajasthan.