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Application to update Jaipur Airport flyers


For the first time in country, the Airport Authorities of India (AAI) is bringing in an app that will cut short all your travel hassles.


The facility will first start at Jaipur Airport, which will become country’s first smart airport, from July 18’ 2013. Later, it will be extended to other airports of the country. Now, you can get live updates of the flight’s arrival and departure. You can remain in touch with airport authorities 24/7 and can air your complaints, feedback and suggestions through your smart phone.

You can avail the facility by downloading a code in your smart mobile phone. Then, the app will update passengers on everything they want to know. The application will also be helpful to international flyers, as these flights land at Jaipur airport early in the morning and leave in a few hours.

In recent times, there has been a sharp increase in complaints of missing baggage. The application will inform you about luggage you can carry or charges levied on extra weight. The problem of missing luggage and theft at airports can also be addressed. Moreover, if you are confused about carrying gold ornaments, it will tell you the exact weight of gold you can carry without duty or customs duty to be levied. During winter months, domestic or international flyers face problems like change in flight timings or cancellation. This app will prove a great help to them also.

In the last few months, Jaipur airport has taken several measures to improve safety and comfort of the passengers and notably, this smart facility is part of the modernization project of AAI.