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Different Shades of Jawahar Kala Kendra


Most people are familiar with the proud center of art & crafts and in fact a lot more than that with Jawahar Kala Kendra aka JKK in Jaipur. Like the rest of Jaipur’ wisely chalked out architecture and planning,  JKK boasts of an architecture that spellbinds a beholder at just one glance. No doubt, when the place is so unique and the location is worth shooting it is common to capture the same by one and all using own artistic spin.

JKK EntranceHistory of Jawahar Kala Kendra

Dedicated to India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, Jawahra Kala Kendra is truly metaphoric to the city of Jaipur i.e. an astonishing synthesis of past and future. A contemporary building based on an archaic notion of the Cosmos; the very same Navgaraha mandala, with one of the squares moved aside and beautiful murals inside, based on cosmology.

IMG_0035 copyJKK was built by Rajasthan Government with the plan prepared by the renowned architect Charles Correa in 1986. The building was ready in 1991 and of course, the plan was inspired by the original city plan of Jaipur, consisting of nine squares with central square left open.

IMG_0109 copy

This multi-arts center has been created  with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts and it was in 1993 that JKK was open to the cultural connoisseurs. 

IMG_9932 copyBuilt by Rajasthan government with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts, JKK adapts and applies concepts from ancient architectural principles called the Vastu Vidya.

IMG_0114 copy

The main building contains six exhibition galleries, open air theatre, auditoriums, dormitories, and coffee house.

IMG_0135 copyEach section of the building resembles the characteristics of the respective planet; for instance, the library is located in the Jupiter section, which attributes to knowledge and wisdom.


The murals from the Jain mythology, the charts and paintings on the ceiling of the central dome formulate the exceptional nature of JKK.

JKK- Central Foyer


However, while preserving the cultural heritage and art of the state, JKK saw age catching up as far as maintenance of its building was concerned. Hence, it was revived and refurbished in 2016.

IMG_0700 copyWith the new lighting and the red sandstone could once again be seen shining clean and attractive enough to draw towards it a swarm of tourists, history lovers, local residents and art aficionados.

IMG_0079 copyRight from the entrance till the exit, every corner, center and even the smallest parts of Jawahar Kala Kendra either tell or make a story.

IMG_0028 copy

The building is designed with walls bearing paintings, murals, all of them based on astronomy and cosmology, but there are some which also give an honest tribute to art and theatre.

IMG_9973 copy

One of the oldest and most iconic coffee houses of Jaipur – Indian Coffee House, houses in its newly revamped look an admirable mural of Ebrahim Alkazi – a living legend who is one of the most influential Indian theatre directors and drama teachers belonging to 20th-century Indian theatre. 


The Coffee House in the lunar section portrays the less revealed aspects of Indian astronomy through the paintings and creativity shown here; even on the coffee – tables. Every table depicts a different phase of Moon as seen in a painting at the coffee house.


Adjoining the main building of JKK, a rural complex housed in it 9.5 acre complex known as Shilpgram is the venue for fairs, haat bazaars and festivals.

IMG_0724 copy

IMG_0008 copy

Let’s take a walk through this ultimate hub of arts and crafts through this video-

The 4th Jaipur Art Summit to be held on 07-11 December, 2016



The 4th  Jaipur Art Summit (JAS) is scheduled for December 07-11, at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur. Already popular as an upscale platform for the display and promotion of contemporary and modern art forms at international level, JAS has witnessed huge success in its earlier seasons of 2013, 14 and 15. The event by far has been modeled as an assemblage of masters and budding artists across the country who present their skills during various programme schedules that include display of a range of contemporary arts, installations, art projects and live demonstrations, visual art and so many other exciting concepts. This year’s theme of the Art Summit is all set to inspire the new generation of international artists along with focus on amalgamation of Indian and World art. The event hopes to create a forum, which will provide an experience where people would be able to have direct exposure to the depth and range of art forms.


With over 300 Artworks from over 25 countries, workshops and demonstrations of all traditional art forms of India, movie screening, talks, discussions, workshops and discussions, the 5 days of the summit are jam-packed with the most exhilarating energy.

Artists from across the globe are going to display their bests here. Visit the Jaipur Art Summit and witness the dance of colors and different shades in an arena of canvas. Experience each stroke unraveling a series of interesting stories. Jaipur Art Summit has its arms wide open, and if you are a true admirer of art then visit the JAS in Jaipur !

Here’s the complete fresh schedule: 


Art on Wheels by Jaipur Art Summit and Uber



In another step towards appreciating art and making it accessible to more people, Jaipur Art Summit in collaboration with Uber, has come up with a unique platform, Art on Wheels. The platform is set to give artists from Rajasthan a chance to woo the city dwellers through their art, which will be seen running across the city streets displayed on Uber cars. This innovative campaign has been fashioned to celebrate creativity and to promote and encourage young talent from Rajasthan.

Uber, the urban way of travelling, that has changed the meaning of mobility for millions of people across the world and India, is all set to bring the artists of Rajasthan to the fore by introducing their art on more then 100 Uber vehicles.

The flagging off of the event that launched this initiative took place today at Ravindra Manch at 2:00 P.M. The artwork, converted into vinyl stickers, can be seen displayed on the bonnets of these cars. Inside each of these cars one can find interesting information related to the artist and Jaipur Art Summit.

Not only this, riders using these cars for travel will also get many surprises. Uber has rolled out some very amazing gifts for travelers of, Art on Wheels. The first among those who will get to ride these particular Art on Wheel, cars(available through Uber Go Option on Uber App)  will get two rides absolutely free.  On taking minimum 3 rides from now until Dec 2, 2016 with the #ARTONWHEELS promo code, riders stand a chance to win 10 custom made paintings by local artists. Not only this on 3rdDecember between 12PM – 3PM, riders across the three cities will be able to see a new view on their app called ‘UberART’ which they can use as an option to book  aride and also to experience an #ARTONWHEELS car at the push of a button.

We are sure you cannot wait anymore for your next Uber ride.

Delhi Airport dazzled with 5 Rajasthani Dance Performances on Diwali




Along with the tinge of lights this Diwali, Delhi Airport offered the passengers to taste the cultural galore of Rajasthan! Dance is the purest way to feel the joy and spirit of festivals! Here’s how the campaign called “#Spread The Light” rejoiced everyone on all the three terminals of Delhi Airport with 5 Rajasthani Dance forms! Let’s together enjoy how our dance forms beguiled the passengers on Delhi Airport
GhoomarPerformed on ceremonious occasions by women folk, the ubiquitous Ghoomar is premier Rajasthani dance form, which beautifully encapsulates the true spirit of Rajasthan’s vivacious culture.

Bhawai- Bhawai is a traditional Rajasthani folk dance form, which is performed with great skill. It is the art of dancing while maintaining a fine balancing act and poising many articles and items on one’s head.

Terah Tali- In this foot tapping and exciting dance form, almost around 13 Manjeeras or Cymbals are tied on the dancing women’s body and these cymbals are used by the folk dancers as accompanying instruments while moving and dancing!

Kalbeliya – This is one of the most sensuous and entertaining among all Rajasthani dances. The female dancers dance and swirl, replicating the movements of a serpent in Kalbeliya dance form.

ChariThe joy of collecting water from miles away in Rajasthan is reflected through this Chari dance. This folk dance is performed by group of women dancers who hold chari or pots on their head and a lighted lamp is then placed in the pot.

Isn’t it a beautiful way to bring the traveling crowd into festive mood ?


8 Not to be missed events in Jaipur this November



The Diwali season has ended but we still have so many reasons to celebrate. Apart from the wedding functions, that we are all set to end with the beginning of wedding season, we have some interesting events lined up in the city, which you can attend with friends and family and have some quality time to yourselves.

1.) Jaipur National Craft Fair (Saras 2016)

Jaipur can never run out of exhibitions. Jaipur Saras craft exhibition is not only a place where you can go a shop for huge variety of crafts but it is also a noble initiative in collaboration with Indian government, to uplift of village industries.

Date: 3rd -14th November

Venue: Amroodon ka Bagh


2.) Rajasthan Biker Marathon

Bikers of the city are in for a treat. In this one of a kind biker’s marathon, a large group of bikers will rally around the state covering all 33 districts. The marathon will support Blood Donation, Road Safety & prevent acid attacks. People can participate at different levels for 500/ 1000/ 2000/ 3000/ or Full 4000 km. So choose your level and get ready for one adventurous journey.

Date: 4th November

Venue:  starting from Police Station, Transport Nagar


3.) Jaipur Poetry Slam

This one is for all the poetry lovers in the pink city. The second edition of Jaipur poetry slam will be conducted on 5th November at Home Café. So, pink city, gear up for a poetic event.

Date: 5th November

Venue: Home Café


4.) Musical Night with Ravindra Upadhyay

Ravindra Upadhyay, a name that needs no introduction, will be performing live in Pink City. The singer will perform for Jaipurites on 5th November at B.M. Birla Auditorium. For sure no one is going to miss this one.

Date: 5th November

Venue : Birla Auditorium


5.) Rajasthan startup Fest

This annual flagship event on startups will have mentors, investors, corporate and startups coming together for business transacts. Many angel investors and venture capitalists are set to be a part of this event, from across the country. All the budding entrepreneurs, who have been waiting for the right platform, here is your chance to get started.

Date: 5th – 6th November

Venue: Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre


6.) Spark

People with an entrepreneurial vision have too much to look forward to this November as ICCE presents Spark, a one day entrepreneurial event. Upcoming entrepreneurs will get a chance to learn from industry experts and foster spirit of entrepreneurship. To register log on to: http://www.intcce.org/spark/

Date: 12th November

Venue: Rukmani Birla School


7.) National Silk Expo

This month definitely has in store some event or the other for everyone. This one’s for the ladies in love with silks. The national silk expo will be held on 15 November at Birla Auditorium.

Date: 15th November

Venue: Birla Auditorium


 8.) Dunes Music Festival

A never before open air festival in Rajasthan is all set to take place at Clarks Amer on 19th November. This event will definitely bring loads of fun with it, not to mention some amazing music.

Date: 19th November

Venue: Clarks Amer


Choose your calling and fix up a date with events that satiate your passion.

Monochrome Dreams. Colourful Reality- a Photo-Art exhibition at MOOL Foundation, Jaipur



Monochrome Dreams.  Colourful Reality-  a Photo-Art exhibition by Rajan Bhatt and Gaurav Hajela Photography is scheduled for October 21st and 22nd, 2016 at MOOL Foundation, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur. 10.00 am- 05.00 pm

Monochrome represents simplicity; probably that is why we dream in black & white. After all, dreams represent our simplest desires. While our reality stands for what is worldly, a complex structure of colours and actions.


Who we are is a combination of dream and reality of colours and black & white.  Monochrome Dreams Colourful Reality- an exhibition of various photographs is a celebration of who we are, a look at our lives through a lens captured in different shades.

After losing yourself in the juxtaposition of monochrome and colours at the Photo art exhibition, get ready to extend for an evening filled with laughter at the ‘Funsum Three’sum’ ! Three amazing, sharp and funniest stand up comedians are also coming to MOOL Foundation from 6:30 p.m onward to tickle your funny bones and make you want to roll on the floor laughing on 21st October’16 .


So save your dates for the Photo art exhibition followed by the laughter show in the evening of 21st 😉

A New Artistic Look and the Glory Anthem; Jodhpur Railway Station has new surprises for the tourists


Jodhpur Header pic

A traveler loves to keep moving forward, visiting new places, and doing new things, because he’s curious and curiosity keeps leading him down new countries, new cities! If we ask, what is that one thing that immediately catches your attention and influences your views about the city you land in? Off course the look of its Railway Station or Airport! Right?

To delight the tourists coming to Rajasthan, the state tourism department has come up with an initiative to revamp its various Railway Stations with attractive and vibrant traditional art work and Rajasthani paintings. Following the Railway Stations of Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur and Bikaner, now Jodhpur joins the group!!

Jodhpur Railway Station has been around since 1885 to be precise. And now it gets a brand new look with colorful and artistic paintings all over to amaze the tourists in Blue City!


To change the look of this ancient station of Rajasthan, regional artwork has been painted on its ceilings, walls and pillars. Mesmerizing geometrical flowers, kings, queens and royal lifestyle are depicted, making the station look both colorful and artistic.


As Jodhpur is a major tourist destination, this effort will sure be appreciated by tourists. Moreover, it is also a matter of pride for the localites, not just to see tourism department trying to bring something new but also to see their local art being promoted in such a beautiful way.


This is not all, Jodhpur rail division has also penned and composed its glory song and this has been prepared by rail personnel themselves. The song is played at the station occasionally!

Isn’t it exciting!!  Wouldn’t you want to visit the Blue City for its all new and artistically done Railway Station?