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Bird Watching – A Delightful Sight For All Bird Lovers


If you love to travel in the fresh, chilly wintery mornings, the season calls for much more than sight-seeing. The state of Rajasthan is a sight to many migratory birds and bird watching becomes a major activity in the peak months of December, January and February.



The IndiaBirdRaces is one such organization involved in bird watching activity. A unique event ‘Jodhpur BirdRace’ was organized on last weekend in Jodhpur. The entire day was well spent spotting more than 250 bird species in and around the blue city. The event was not only limited to bird spotting but also aimed at better understanding of our biodiversity and environment. Some sited species of birds were cinereous vulture, Eurasian griffon, steppe eagle, Egyptian vulture; Punjab raven, rosy starling, white pelican, purple moorhen, grey heron, shoveler, pochard and the list is endless.


Image Credit: www.indiabirdraces.in

The nearby places around Jaipur – Chandlai and Barkheda are also house to number of migratory birds. So, all the bird lovers, if you are finding any reason to experience the wintery morning chill – let bird watching be the perfect reason 😉

Chandlai Lake