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Cycle ride for Tourists


Rajasthan is a tourist centric state. It offers a wide range of tourism options to visiting tourist to choose from such as aqua tourism in Kota-Bundi region, wild life tourism in Sawai Madhopur and Udaipur regions.Desert safari in the desert areas of Jodhpur Barmer, Jaisalmer. Bird tourism in Bharatpur, Jaipur and Jodhpur regions. Winter tourism in Mount Abu and historical and heritage tourism in every corner of the State. There seems to be no other State in the country which offers such a variety package.


Coming to Rajasthan! Wish to explore the state as per your itinerary. Then gear up yourself.  Wouldn’t it be a great fun to hop the ghats of Pushkar or snake the narrow lanes of Jaipur or wave the hilly slopes of Udaipur on cycle. The State Government has come out with a policy for promoting Eco-Tourism through cycle tourism. In the line with a similar policy of the Goa Government, rules have been made under which interested tourist can hire a cycle on rent

cycles III

Though the government intends to implement this plan in nine prominent tourist cities but initially four cities Ajmer-Pushkar, Kota Jaipur and Udaipur have been selected and very soon tourist coming to these cities will have a eco friendly transport mode taking them to places of their interest. The official formalities for the same have been completed and the implementation is in the offing.


The company selected to provide bicycles in these cities will have to set up cycle stand at allotted spots and shall rent them @ Rs. 10 for one hour. The best part of the scheme is that the person taking cycle on rent need not return to the spot where he originally rented the vehicle, instead he can return the cycle at any of the company’s approved spot. The selected company will provide 500 cycles at Jaipur and 200 cycles each for rest of cities.

cycle II

This is a welcome initiative of State Government who is inclined to make tourism mainstay of State economy. Providing more options for the tourism will definitely attract new genre of tourists  to the state.



Why Sheetala Ashtami Is Celebrated In Rajasthan


Rajasthan is known for its colorful culture, fairs and festivals. One such festival is Sheetala Ashtami, also known as ‘Basoda’ which fall on the 8th day after Holi. It is celebrated in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar.

Sheetala Mata is considered as the seasonal goddess of spring/ Vasant. She is referred as the goddess of diseases, especially small pox and chicken pox. The fast on this day is said to be for eliminating skin diseases in the family as well as in the community. It is also kept for proper health and hygiene. Sheetala Mata is although worshipped widely in many parts of India but is one of the most important festival of Rajasthan.

Sheetala, as the name itself reflects cold and calmness, the food is prepared on the previous day as no one is believed to light the stoves on the day of the festival. Stale and cold food is offered to the goddess and then served and distributed as Prasad. The variety of food varies from house to house but the main food items, which are common in many houses, are puri/ paratha, kheer, kair sangari, gatte and gulgule/ pakode.

Sheetala Mata Fair also takes place on Sheetala Ashtami. Though, this festival is celebrated in many parts of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Bhilwara, Barmer, etc. but the Sheetala Mata Fair of Chaksu is a famous one. It is around 35 km from Jaipur to get there, where the temple is situated on top of a small hillock.