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Soak yourself in the upcoming festivities of Navratri in Rajasthan!


Navratri is a festival devoted to the worship of Goddess Durga. The word ‘Navratri’ literally means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit; Nav – Nine and Ratri – nights. And hence the merriment takes place for 9 days. All through the nine nights and ten days, various forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped.

This year, Navratri is commencing from October 1st and will end on 10th. On the 11th day Dusshera will be observed to celebrate the victory over evil.

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Each of the 9 days starts with first seeking blessings from the goddess and then moving on to celebration. The state is lit up during this time with everybody gushing with energy throughout. People get dressed in colorful attires and participate in Garba folk dance and Dandiya-Raas in which people match their steps to the rhythm of music and dance using dandiya (wooden sticks) with their partners.

Navratri Festival

Navratri festival does bring people closer to each other and soak everyone in its joyous colors! This festival is especially popular among tourists because it gives them an opportunity to get closer to the rich culture of Rajasthan.

navratri Celebration

So, now that the festival is this close, get ready to participate this year in the enthusiastic and vibrant festival of Navratri!


The Joy of Rajasthan Day Celebration





Rajasthan DiwasThe vibrant streets of the prominent cities of Rajasthan are brimming with life and celebrations as the colourful state of India celebrates its 67th Foundation Day today! With the soulful ambiences of cultural extravaganzas and lively performances, Rajasthan offers a gala time to the visitors and its citizens on this memorable day every year.

chomu palace

Rajasthan is regal and unique. Our state is celebrating its 67th birthday today and the age in this case is not just a number. Rajasthan has really grown but it’s far from old. The biggest state of India state has progressed, developed and become modern. The modernity has not arrived at the cost of our traditional values for sure.


World Trade Park


Our beautiful state has retained its old world charm while adopting contemporary ways. Every place in Rajasthan is different. The capital city of Jaipur is among the favorite travelling destinations for people around the world. Udaipur spells luxury at its best. Jaisalmer’s white stones and sand give it an identity of its own. Jodhpur, Bikaner and every other place has something new to offer.

City Palace JaipurRTB - UdaipurJaisalmer Deserts

We are proud of our multi hued state and wish that it keeps getting better.

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