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Turbans: The Pride of Rajasthan


Have you ever been to Rajasthan?  You must have seen the moustache man of all ages wearing colorful turbans in different style and patterns. Have ever wondered how and why such different type of colorful turbans they wear?

The turbans of Rajasthan are the most colorful and impressive sorts of adornment for men in whole of theIndia. The use of turbans was basically started by the Rajput community, who reside in the Indian state of Rajasthan. They used to wear distinct turbans and the Hindi pronunciation of turban is Paag, Safa or Pagri to show their pride, their class and status. It is said that the style of the turban changes with every 15 km you travel within the geographical boundaries of Rajasthan.

Once you experience the royal culture of Rajasthan, you will be amazed with the variations of colorful turbans. Surprisingly, in some parts of the region, the size of turban indicates the position of the person in the society they live and also used to maintain the temperature of head during the different seasons.

These Turbans add a brilliant splash of color and style to the barren lands of Rajasthan.  The sight of a group of turban man is just mesmerizing that portrays a rainbow of vibrant colors personifying colorful Rajasthan.