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Dabu Print from the remotes of Rajasthan


To add a touch of old world Rajasthani charm to your shopping desires, Rajasthan Tourism Buzz brings to you the ancient process of Dabu printing in a small and a very old textile and print pioneer village called “Akola”,  located sixty kms from Chitthorgarh.


The process begins with the mixing of a special type of clay paste called “dhabu”.  A design is then sketched onto the background cloth and this design is covered with the special clay with the help of wooden blocks, after which saw dust is sprinkled. The saw dust sticks to the cloth as the clay dries. The cloth is then ready to be dyed in the chosen colors. The designs covered by the dhabu remain colorless and once the dyeing process is complete, the cloth is dried then washed to remove the clay mixture. This cloth can now be dyed in a lighter color to give the patterns some color as well.



It is such a lengthy and labor-intensive process, but the end result is more than worth it! What you get is a piece of Indian heritage which can’t be replicated by machine and a beautiful garment to wear as well! The finished material forms the heart and soul of our clothing collection, visible in thoughtful detailing and showcased in bold colors against stark backgrounds.

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Hopefully our post on the Rajasthani textile has whetted your appetite because we’ll be talking about more such incredible treasures of Rajasthan in the posts to come!