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Dusshera Celebrations at City Palace, Jaipur!


As in the past years, Dusshera Festival was performed with traditional as well as regal pomp and gaiety at the City Palace today. After the shastra-pujan (arms worship) the Dushhera procession started from City Palace towards the Vijay Bagh, Dushhera Kothi. Later, the procession returned to the City Palace. Many erstwhile thakurs and jagirdars of Jaipur participated in the traditional dresses.

Glimpses of the procession-



Celebrate The Joyous Occasion of Krishnashtami Today!


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With the hymns and chants of “Hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal” coming from deep inside the hearts, the devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate his birthday today.

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Though the celebrations start with the blissful sunrise but the enjoyment accentuates towards the end of the day, as he is actually said to be born at 12 in the midnight and illuminate his presence to bless his followers.


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This festival is celebrated with tremendous joy in all the temples offering a feast to the Lord worldwide but the core or focal point of this extravagant gathering lies amidst the Walled City of Jaipur in the premises of Govind Devji Temple between 4:00 am in the morning till 10:30 at night. The other temples which we cannot forget to mention are Radha Rasbihari Temple, the famous Iskon Temple, Akshardham Temple; they also shine in their own beauty on this special occasion.


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So, enjoy the festival with hymning some beautiful devotional phrases which float in the air with great enthusiasm, along with enjoying the lavish feast as we remember the Maakhan Chor!

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Experience Real Rajasthan At Narlai


If you are planning for a weekend getaway or a trip to royal Rajasthan – Narlai is the right place of which you might not be aware of.
Narlai is a small village surrounded by the oldest Aravalli range in Pali district, Rajasthan. It lies in between Udaipur and Jodhpur. Narlai is a perfect holiday destination to enjoy and experience a Rajasthani village life with the best equestrian Marwari horses and its splendid folk tales. This 17th century village gives a perception of the rural Rajasthan and the visit to this small hamlet would surely leave you spellbound.

Although Narlai is a small village, there are many places one could visit. Narlai is well known for its old temples, step wells and marble archways. The most famous of all Jain temples is Adinath Jain Temple which is situated at the main entrance of the village.  There are other Jain temples which have historical importance and are also known for their archaeological structures and ancient scripts. A 15 day festival on Holi every year is a significant feature at the Ai Mata Ka Mandir, which is a popular temple among the Hindus.

Narlai has other significant places like Ghoradara Dam, which is situated at a distance of approximately 3 km. As Narlai lies between Jodhpur and Udaipur, the district of Pali has a small town of Ranakpur, which has the Surya Narayan Temple as its main tourist attraction.IMG_1647 copy

So if you are ready to experience the real rural Rajasthan and want to bask in its beauty, Narlai is the right place to taste the true flavor of Rajasthan and relish its hospitality.

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The Dawn Festival by Mool Foundation in Jaipur


The beautiful city of Jaipur resides a name of an interactive platform for visual and applied arts, Mool Foundation.

Mool Foundation is conducting ‘The Dawn Festival’ an event under the theme ‘ Love, Light & Life’ scheduled to be held from 24th to 26th Jan’15.

The Dawn Festival

The Dawn Festival

In this 3 day event at Mool Foundation, Jaipur will witness artists from different places of our country who will exhibit their work and discuss ideas & practices of various art forms.

A living tribute to Late Mr. Y.K. Bhatt, Mool Foundation is a space that hopes to provide opportunities to artists to showcase their work, interact with their peers, teach their craft and draw inspiration from others. It also aims to create unique opportunities for visitors to view, experience, and exchange views on innovative art forms & designs.

The Dawn Festival will see six dexterous artists display and discuss their work with public at large. Kapil Syal, a veteran in advertising industry, will launch his book ‘mud hut of dreams….’. Spriha Chokhani, a versatile artist with expertise in various mediums of art,  will be conducting a workshop on Paper Mache Craft. Ceramic artists viz. Seema Kalra and Amankshi Rawat will reveal insights about art of ceramics during the event. Taran J Singh who is a designer and photographer will explain various possibilities around creating photography through his workshop during the event. Rohan Guptan, an adman who loves to express himself on canvas, will be displaying his work during the ‘The Dawn Festival’.

Mool Foundation cordially invites you all  and be part of this grand event.

Udaipur is keeping the tradition alive of celebrating “Vikram Samvat”


Festive vibes truly swathes the city with colors and auspicious chimes. Vikram Samvat is welcomed & celebrated grandly across the whole Udaipur city including each crossings and lanes. Passerbies are embraced with “Roli-Kumkum Tilak” which signifies respect to them & are given the solemn offerings of “Black Pepper, Misri (sugar) & Meetha neem”.


Fatehsagar gets decked up with city crowed and bright decorative stuff, all set for evening processions.

Udaipur Municipal Corporation along with Alok  association organizes 4 day mass celebration which is studded with huge fete & fireworks. Various competitions like Turban tying & Kite flying enhances the vibrancy of the fete.

Colorful and sparking firework presentations at “Fatehsagar ki paal” usually blow off the showers of auspiciousness in the city.  Traditional dance and folks festival is conducted at the shore of “Pichhola Lake” to mark farewell to the past year.

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A large rally is preceded from Nathdwara to Pichhola Lake, and it becomes a colossal affair when a mass from adjacent villages & localities adjoins it. Grand “Kalash-yatras” enroute, makes the “Upcoming Year” most special.

Also the consecrating soil is brought from “Haldighati” to worship the valor of “Maharana Pratap”.

The tradition of Surya Puja in the morning and beckons of reverence by small kids soaks everybody in the occasion.

Amid of loud festive aura, city folks welcomes the new year with all heart and hale with action packed evening at Lok Kala Mandal too.

The celebration of “Vikram Samvat” culminates with a great religious fervor.

Picture Courtesy: Manmohan Bhatnagar