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Kumbhalgarh Festival kicked off today



The unconquered fort of Kumbhalgarh is majestic, and the stern and strong stature of the fort is amazingly inspiring!  To patronize the overall aura  and magnificence of Kumbhalgarh area, the tourism department of Rajasthan has organized an exquisite festival- ‘Kumbhalgarh Festival’ purely dedicated to the place!


Kumbhalgarh Festival, every year, in all its glory promotes the artistic and cultural heritage of the place. It is a beautiful effort of the tourism department of Rajasthan, which is primarily divided into two parts-Folk performances at the daytime and an impressive show of light and sound at night.  It is also a platform where India’s finest classical musician, artists and renowned dancers assemble to delight the viewers with their best performances. Among the highlights of this festival includes the dance performance by local artists. Indulging games and sports such as musical chairs, turban tying and tug of war are also a part of the festival that encourages tourists to participate and enjoy.


The festival has kicked off today i.e 01- 03 December 2016 .If you are somewhere near or around Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this fun filled festival.

Here are the rushes from the festival held in March this year 🙂