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Soak Into The Colourful Festival Of Gangaur With Shahpura, Near Jaipur


Rajasthan boosts not only in its history and heritage but its beauty reflects in its sparkling deserts, monuments and colorful festivals. On this note, we will take you to one of the most beautiful festivals of RajasthanGANGAUR, which truly embodies the spirit of diversity.


Gangaur is one of the most colorful & auspicious festivals of Rajasthan – celebrating spring, harvest & marital fidelity. While ‘Gana‘ is another name for Lord Shiva, ‘Gaur‘ symbolises Gauri aka Parvati, his wife, also an epitome of marital bliss. The 18-day festival is observed by both married & unmarried women where they fast, women dress up in red bandhani sarees and turban clad men worship the clay idols of Isar & Parvati.


When the bright skies have ushered in the festive season of spring, the remote town of Shahpura, located 65 km from the capital Jaipur, came culturally alive when the pious deities of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata were regally taken around the streets and worshipped with vigour & devotion by both men and women.  The Shahpura Gangaur Festival, hosted at Shahpura Haveli was organized by Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation in association with the Rajasthan Tourism Department.


On the day of Gangaur, the celebration began with the married & unmarried woman; all dressed in colorful Rajasthani attires worshipped idols of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata at the Shahpura Haveli. It was a spectacle to see the idols being gloriously taken to Rawla Moti Mahal, where the great Gangaur Mahotsav was organised. The major attractions of Shahpura Gangaur Festival were the cultural performances of local artists & folk musicians of Rajasthan, several kinds of regional nritya (dances) like Mayur, Nritya, Masak Nritya, Behpang Nritya, magician performance, horse show, and other traditional games & competitions. Artists from various parts of the country namely Udaipur, Deeg, Jodhpur, Haryana, Punjab performed magnificently oozing talent with their euphonic tunes and twinkle toes. The royal family of Shahpura also participated in the festival. The Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation Trust, which works for the upliftment of the downtrodden sections of this small village of Shahpura also felicitated the local artisans in a ceremony.





Pic courtesy- Anudeep Mathur

The grand procession of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata began with all its regal pomp and pageantry at 5 p.m. from Rawla Moti Mahal. Both men & women could be seen beaming in colors of Rajasthan.  The procession passing through the vivid markets of the town, encompassed horses, camels, traditional folk dancers, brass bands from Punjab, lancers etc. along with the pious deities of Gangaur Mata ji and Bhagwan Isar ji Maharaj, finally converging at the newly restored Gopinath Temple. The town was seen teeming with both foreign nationals and domestic tourists rejoicing the festivities.

Pic courtesy: Anudeep Mathur

Celebrated with great pomp and show, Shahpura Gangaur Festival gave visitors and tourists a spectacular opportunity to observe Rajasthan’s magnificent culture from close quarters. We are already waiting for next year to witness such a splendid event in a all its royal glamour. Are you?




Rang Rajasthan- the Rajasthani International Art Festival begins today


The Pink City of Jaipur is ready for the one of its kind theater festival, Rang Rajasthan starting from tomorrow at Jawahar Kala Kendra.  The unique festival showcases plays, folk performances and celebrity talk shows, drenched in the colors of Rajasthan.

Rang Rajasthan is a Rajasthan Language Based Theatre Festival which is showcasing a beautiful and interesting array of plays, Rajasthan people exhibitions, International Theatre,  Celebrity Seminars, Art Competition and numerous more things. It gives a stage where neighbourhood theatre actors and Folk specialists work with internationally & broadly acclaimed executive and witnesses the works.

During a week long festival-Eight Rajasthani Language Plays and solo performances, folk music presentation, poetry session and Rajasthani tale telling session will be presented in the third edition of Rang Rajasthan organized by Rang Mastaaney Group.


First day i.e.; 6 Jan-Performance of ‘The Mix of Rajasthan Band’ at ‘Krishnayan (Black Box)’ at 5 pm.
And on the same day
in Rangayan Auditorium at 7 pm – Esteemed Rajasthani language director from Bikaner – Sudesh Vyas is going to present his play- ‘Dulari Bai’ – A Musical performance at the inaugural day of the festival.

Second day i.e. 7 Jan – Poem session (Kavi Sammelan) is being presented by famous Rajasthani Poets (Kavis) vi:- Vijay Mishra Danish, Dhanraj Dadeech, Kanhaiya Lal Kanha, Bhagwan Sahay Pareek, and Kalyan Singh Shekhawat in Krishnayan Audi from 5 pm onwards in Krishnayan (Black Box),JKK.
And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)-
From Jodhpur City Rajasthani Director AashishDeo Chaaran is coming with his play – Mhe Raja the praja’.

Third day i.e. 8 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- Young Director ‘Yogendra Singh Parmar along with Samar Veer Singh is going to present their play –Sahi Galat Ko Khel’ in Dholpuri Language . And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Esteemed Director Rajendra Panchal from Kota Bundi is coming with his play– ‘Katha SuKavi Suryakamall ki’ which will showcase the dilemma of Kavi Suryamal during the revolution of 1857 and his conversation with himself.


Fourth day i.e. 9 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- In the guidance of NSD Allumni Vishal Vijay- artist – Krishna Pal Singh Naruka, Ravindra Pareek, Deepak Gurjar and Ravi Ojha will tell the stories and tale of Rajasthan in Rajasthani to the audience.

And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Director Rajendra Payal is going to present his play- ‘Talwar’ – which is the wholesome of small -small talks and stories use to tell by People of Rajasthan in every rural area.


 Fifth day i.e. 10 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- Director Mahmood Ali is going to staged his play – Annuti Preet’
And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Director Tapan Bhatt is presenting a satirical –comedy play- ‘Moonji Soorma Laxmidas’ which has a strong moral as a message.


Sixth day i.e. 11 Jan- In Rangayan Auditorium , JKK. At 7 pm- Veteran Theatre artist and Director/playist- Shree Sartaj Narayan Mathur is presenting his Live Musical Play performance –‘Khyaal Bharmali’- written by esteemed Rajasthani Writer Janaab Hammidullah,w hich was awarded ‘Rajasthan Sahitya Academy award in year 1978-79.
On the same day in Rangayan Auditorium , JKK. At 7 pm- From The city of lakes- NSD graduate Young Director Kaviraj Laique will give live musical live performance with his performers and artist to present Naag Bodas’ written play- Khabsoorat Bahu’ in sweet Mewari language- it is a live musical performance with the chorus.



Date Guest Speaker Profile Moderator
6 Jan Jagdish Chandra Katil Famoud Media Person Hemanth Acharya
7   Jan Mahendra Surana Tv Anchor(Prasshanottari Doordarshan ) and Radio Singer Raju Kumar
8 Jan Chhavi Rajawat India’s First youngest sarpanch Himanshi Rastogi
9 Jan Sabri Brothers Musicians and singers
10 Jan Chinmay Mehta Painter, Muralist and Designer Deepak Gera
11 Jan Vinod Joshi Community Director- Jaipur Virasat Foundation Reema Goyal
12 Jan Ustaad Zafar Khan &Mohd. Amaan


Tabla Player Padmaja Gungun
Ranagayan (J.K.K)रंगायन (जे.के.के) Krishnayan(J.K.K)कृष्णायण (जे.के.के)
7:00 pm 5:00 pm



Date Plays   Programme
6 Jan Dulari Bai
By Sudesh Vyas (Bikaner)
Mix Of Rajasthani Band(Folk Fusion Performance)
7 Jan Mhe Raja the praja 

By Aashish Deo Charan (Jodhpur)

Kavi Sammelan(Poem Reciting Session)


Poets:– Vijay Mishra Danish, Dhanraj Dadeech, Kanhaiya Lal Kanha, Bhagwan Sahay Pareek, and Kalyan Singh Shekhawat

8 Jan Katha Sukavi SuryaMall   Ki 

By Rajendra Panchal (Kota)


Sahi Galat Ko Khel(Play)

By Yogendra Singh Parmar &

Samar Veer Singh

9 Jan Talwar 

By Rajendra Payal (Jaipur)

Rajasthani Story Reading(Story Reading Session)


By Krishna Pal Singh Naruka, Ravindra Pareek, Deepak Gurjar and Ravi Ojha

10 Jan Moonji Soorma Laxmidas 

By Tapan Bhatt (Jaipur)

Annuti Preet
(Solo Performance) 

By Mahmood Ali


11 Jan Khyal Bharmali 

By Sartaj Narayan Mathur


WHY DON’T YOU LIKE SADNESS (International Performance)            BY Katarzyna Chmielewska)          (पधारो जी पावणा)
12 Jan Khabsoorat BahuBy Kaviraaj Laique Hussain


WHY DON’T YOU LIKE SADNESS (International Performance)            BY Katarzyna Chmielewska            (पधारो जी पावणा)

Jaipur Beat is glad to be the Digital Media Partner so as to enrich the culture of our state through this beautiful art fest.

So, Mark the dates: 6th January -12th January’17

Venue: Jawahar Kala Kendra- Jaipur

Khushboo-e-Rajasthan; an Online Photography Contest



Jairangam in association with Jaipur Beat organized a photography contest called “Khushboo-e-Jaipur” last year in 2014, which was a big hit among photography amateurs.  The Event is back again with a bang !!

We are happy to announce that Jaipur Beat this year again is privileged to partner with the Online photography contest called “Khusboo-e-Rajasthan, even bigger and better. The contest this year is divided in two segments: CAMERA click and MOBILE Click. Each segment is further divided into three categories which are : A. Culture & Heritage, B. Changing Face of Rajasthan and C. Expressions. The contest ends on 30th September 2015 at 6.00 PM. To submit your entries please click on this link : https://www.facebook.com/events/144712302539781/


(An Online Photography Contest)


6th-11th Oct, 2015, Timing-11:00am to 7:00pm

‘Khushboo -e Rajasthan’ an online photography contest is now in its second year. This is a month long contest that will continue till 30th Sept, 2015. The contest will be run on Social Media as an event, where all photography enthusiasts are free to participate and can upload the pictures representing the true flavor of Rajasthan. Entries to be submitted under the two categories viz.,Mobile camera & SLR camera. On the basis of the number of likes and the judges’ choice, entry to the next level of the contest will be decided. Photographs shortlisted depicting the essence of Rajasthan will be showcased during Jairangam 2015 to be held between 5th to 11th Oct, 2015 at Jawahar Kala Kendra art gallery.

The contest ends on 30th September 2015 at 6.00 PM. So upload the photographs and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Khushboo-e-Jaipur Photography Contest Winners Announced



The one of its kinds and the first of Pink City’s photography contest “Khushboo-e-Jaipur – a photography journey” has announced its winners!

The Jaipur based photography contest was organized under the banner of Jairangam in association with Jaipur Beat– Jaipur’s online blog to encourage the city’s expert and amateur photographers to click the beauty of Jaipur through their different perspectives.  The contest received tremendous response and the best photographs were also displayed in a three days exhibition at Jawahar kala Kendra- Jaipur.

The winners will be awarded tonight i.e. December 15, 2014 during the Prize distribution ceremony at Ravindra Manch. 09.00 pm onward.


The Winners of Mobile Click Category are:

1, Gaurav Gurbani

2.Anirudh Chordia

3. Saahib Gera



The winners of Camera Click category are:

1. Ashish Garg

2. Umesh Daindkar

3. Vivek Sharma

Consolation Prize winners are:

Dipali Tripathi and Dev Dangid

Winners are requested to attend the Prize Distribution ceremony at Ravindra Manch 9 p.m. onward.

Celebration of immortal love- Faag Utsav!!


For the locale folks of the desert state, Rajasthan, the festival of Holi is a whimsical event which takes on an altogether special meaning and hue, colour and paint notwithstanding.

During the Hindu month of Phagun, Rajasthanis celebrate Holi by singing special songs called “Faag”, which celebrate the triumph of good over evil and the onset of spring.


The tradition of celebrating faag season has its own significance in the rural society which lasts till holi. There are reportedly different types of faags, for instance Krishna faag, which is voiced as a verse to Lord Krishna’s romps during the festival of Holi.

Apparently faags are eminently celebrated all over the India, especially in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Mathura and Rajasthan according to their traditions.

In Jaipur, except Janmashtami, Holi is celebrated grandly in Govind Dev ji Temple of Jaipur. During the festival, Faag, Raas and special Jhankis start from one month before holi festival.


Instead of color or gulal powders, flowers are used to play Holi here. The celebration shows the re-enactment of Lathmar Holi of Braj and Muslim artists pay homage to the immortal love of Radha and Krishna.

The history of Faag Utsav is growing since 300 years and the raison d’être for using flowers instead of color stanches from the belief that the use of the color hurts the idol of Krishna. The colorful affair is eventually marked by many cultural exuberant processions, like dancers wearing colorful dresses and painting their bodies in anticipation of a performance before the public.


The legends of Radha and Krishna are showcased through vibrant folk songs & dances of Holi at the temple for more than a week during the faag festival.

At the temple, the greatest artist of the world, Krishna, witnesses the art of numerous performers which are performed as offering to Krishna. The celebration of Faag utsav certainly broadens the meaning of Holi.

Indian Army to present the ‘Cavalry Review’ in Jaipur


army 2

On the initiative of the Tourism Minister, Ms. Bina Kak, the Jaipur-based 61 Cavalry, the only operational horse cavalry regiment in the world, will present a ‘Cavalry Review’ on 09 March at the Rambagh Polo Ground. On the visit of the Chief of the Army Staff, General Bikram Singh to Jaipur recently, the Minister had requested him to clear the proposal which had been sent by the Tourism Department to the South Western Command for the ceremonial mounted parade with full pomp and ceremony. The Minister said that this will be for the first time ever that the army will be organizing the elaborate cavalry drill for both the foreign and domestic tourists as well as the general public. This will go a long way in fostering harmonious and congenial relations between the army and the civilians, she said.  The Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Gehlot has also been apprised of the event, she said. The event is being jointly organized by the Department of Tourism and the South-Western Command of the Indian Army.

The Minister informed that the ‘Cavalry Review’ is one of the most attractive mounted ceremonial drills of 61 Cavalry – and perhaps nowhere in the world is it organized on the same scale as in Jaipur. However, the ‘Cavalry Review’ till now was restricted to a very select audience within the army area, said the Minister.

Indian Army to present the ‘Cavalry Review’

The effective showcasing of the spectacle will also portray the military’s ethos and its history, she said. She also pointed out that with the army willing, the ‘Cavalry Review’ should become an annual feature and could be included in the calendar of events of the Department of Tourism in the Jaipur city.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 Kicks off with Mahasweta Devi’s keynote speech – ‘Oh to Live Again’


Ashok Gehlot – CM of Rajasthan and Margaret Alva – Governor of Rajasthan graced the inaugural event with their valuable presence


Mahasweta Devi, Ashok Gehlot - CM Rajasthan and Margaret Alva - Governor of Rajasthan at the inaugural ceremony of Jaipur Literature Festival 2013Mahasweta Devi, Ashok Gehlot – CM Rajasthan and Margaret Alva – Governor of Rajasthan at the inaugural ceremony of Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

The 2013 edition of the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival started with an inaugural speech by eminent author and social activist Mahasweta Devi. She reflected her long and illustrious life and writing career in a speech laced with references to the rich world of ideas she has imbibed from the tribal and rural cultures that have been the subject of her work.


Ashok Gehlot, CM Rajasthan and Margaret Alva, Governor of Rajasthan at the inaugural ceremony of Jaipur Literature Festival 2013Ashok Gehlot, CM Rajasthan and Margaret Alva, Governor of Rajasthan at the inaugural ceremony of Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

Having written on the “culture of the downtrodden” throughout her life, Mahasweta Devi referred to the simple dreams of simple people in her speech. She called for the “right to dream” to be the first fundamental right of all human beings.


Mahasweta Devi at Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 with her keynote speech - Oh to Live AgainMahasweta Devi at Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 with her keynote speech – Oh to Live Again

In a speech poignantly titled ‘Oh to Live Again’ renowned author Mahasweta Devi said “My early years proved to be formative for my future work as a writer and activist. I also have a different approach to my writing process and I mull over the subjects in depth before setting out on the creative journey”

Mahasweta Devi at Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 with her keynote speech – Oh to Live Again

The five-day haven of literature that starts today brings together renowned authors, thinkers, philosophers from around the world to Jaipur. It will have speakers who will bring their thoughts, ideas, journeys and experiences to the Festival through debates, discussions and readings. With her keynote speech, Mahasweta Devi set the tone for a meaningful exchange of ideas through the rest of the festival.


Mahasweta Devi at Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 with her keynote speech - Oh to Live AgainMahasweta Devi at Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 with her keynote speech – Oh to Live Again

Commenting on this, Namita GokhaleFestival Director – DSC Jaipur Literature Festival said “We are delighted to begin the event with Mahasweta Devi’s warm keynote which was not only inspiring but thought provoking. She has been constantly working for Human Rights and Women rights to bring a change in the society.

The other sessions thorough the day to watch out for, are – ‘Remembering Sunil Da’ – A session that will mark the tribute to iconic author Sunil Gandopadhyay. It will be a session that will focus on his journey in the Indian Literature. Another session on that will catch the visitors attention will be Colliding Worlds: The Quest for Justice’ will speak across the divides of ideology and conventional identity tags. There would be an intriguing session by musical genius Javed Akhtar and Ameena Saiyid, Managing Director, Oxford University Press, Pakistan called ‘Ismat and Annie’. It will be a session where two brilliant minds will discuss literary argument between two Urdu writers Ismat Chughtai and Qurrat-ul-Ain Haider.

About The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival

The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival is considered to be Asia’s leading literature event, celebrating national and international writers, and encompassing a range of activities including film, music and theatre. The festival has already hosted some of the best-known national and international writers including Orhan Pamuk, J.M. Coetzee, John Berendt, Kiran Desai, Christopher Hampton, Ian McEwan, Vikram Seth, Wole Soyinka, Salman Rushdie, Pico Iyer, Simon Schama, Thomas Keneally, HanifKureishi, Vikram Chandra, Anoushka Shankar, Michael Frayn, Stephen Frears, Alexander McCall Smith, Donna Tartt, Tina Brown, Shashi Tharoor, Mohammed Hanif, Paul Zacharia, among many others. The Directors of the DSC Jaipur Literature Festivals are William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale and the festival is produced by Sanjoy K. Roy and Sheuli Sethi of Teamwork Productions. DSC Limited is the principal sponsor of the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival.