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Navras- the live show of art, dance and music to begin from 17th March in Jaipur


A Great News for all the art and theatre connoisseurs of the Pink City !! NAVRAS, a live extravaganza of performing art, dance and music is finally here to warm the hearts of Jaipurites. The third edition of NAVRAS, starting from March 17- March 25, 2018, at Jawahar Kala Kendra, this year is back with even more fascinating performances of theatre, contemporary dance, fusion music and much more.


The festival will commence with the mesmerizing performances of  “Dhamaal,” a celebration of the drumming traditions across India.The days that follow will witness many artistic presentations including dance productions– “Thari, The Loom” by Padma Shri Malavika Sarukkai and the magical performance of  Attakkalari’s Bhina Vinyasa, combining movement and digital art will also hit the right note with the audience.

Ismat Apa

However, the star performance of the event will be- “Ismat Apa Ke Naam” directed and enacted by actor Naseeruddin Shah with his wife, Ratna Pathak Shah and daughter Sheeba Shah will mesmerize the audience with their enthralling performances.

Khwab Sa2

The festival will also witness a prominent theatre play – “Khwab Sa” directed by Atul Kumar, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream;”. The premiere of “Elephant in the Room” directed and enacted by Yuki Elias will also be part of Navras this year!



The tickets for the events can be obtained now from the JKKreception. To know more- http://jkk.artandculture.rajasthan.gov.in/content/ArtandCulture/en/jawahar-kala-kendra.html

Come let’s enjoy the glorious and splendid performances at Navras, 2018!


Jaipur witnessed mesmeric Holi moments with ‘Rangarang’ at Jawahar Kala Kendra


JKK Brij Holi 2

Jaipur’s arts epicenter, Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) witnessed a striking Holi celebration ‘Rangarang’ yesterday. The amphitheatre, Madhyavarti, was brimming with verve and gusto as different Rajasthani folk music and dance artists presented scintillating performances  at the festival one after the other. As many as 75 amazing artists participated in this celebration of colours and fervor.

JKK Brij Holi 1

The programme began with the Chari dance of Kishangarh by Veerendra Singh & Group. This was followed by Gair dance of Jalore by Thana Ram & Group. Next came up the Shekhawati Chang performance by Gopal Geela & Group which received much applause from the audience. To conclude the evening, a group led by Manisha Sharma presented the traditional folk dance. This was coupled with the beautiful Brij Holi of flower petals by Ashok Sharma and Group.

JKK Brij Holi_8JKK Brij Holi_13JKK Brij Holi_20JKK Brij Holi_15JKK Brij Holi_7JKK Brij Holi_9JKK Brij Holi_6JKK Brij Holi4

Different Shades of Jawahar Kala Kendra


Most people are familiar with the proud center of art & crafts and in fact a lot more than that with Jawahar Kala Kendra aka JKK in Jaipur. Like the rest of Jaipur’ wisely chalked out architecture and planning,  JKK boasts of an architecture that spellbinds a beholder at just one glance. No doubt, when the place is so unique and the location is worth shooting it is common to capture the same by one and all using own artistic spin.

JKK EntranceHistory of Jawahar Kala Kendra

Dedicated to India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, Jawahra Kala Kendra is truly metaphoric to the city of Jaipur i.e. an astonishing synthesis of past and future. A contemporary building based on an archaic notion of the Cosmos; the very same Navgaraha mandala, with one of the squares moved aside and beautiful murals inside, based on cosmology.

IMG_0035 copyJKK was built by Rajasthan Government with the plan prepared by the renowned architect Charles Correa in 1986. The building was ready in 1991 and of course, the plan was inspired by the original city plan of Jaipur, consisting of nine squares with central square left open.

IMG_0109 copy

This multi-arts center has been created  with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts and it was in 1993 that JKK was open to the cultural connoisseurs. 

IMG_9932 copyBuilt by Rajasthan government with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts, JKK adapts and applies concepts from ancient architectural principles called the Vastu Vidya.

IMG_0114 copy

The main building contains six exhibition galleries, open air theatre, auditoriums, dormitories, and coffee house.

IMG_0135 copyEach section of the building resembles the characteristics of the respective planet; for instance, the library is located in the Jupiter section, which attributes to knowledge and wisdom.


The murals from the Jain mythology, the charts and paintings on the ceiling of the central dome formulate the exceptional nature of JKK.

JKK- Central Foyer


However, while preserving the cultural heritage and art of the state, JKK saw age catching up as far as maintenance of its building was concerned. Hence, it was revived and refurbished in 2016.

IMG_0700 copyWith the new lighting and the red sandstone could once again be seen shining clean and attractive enough to draw towards it a swarm of tourists, history lovers, local residents and art aficionados.

IMG_0079 copyRight from the entrance till the exit, every corner, center and even the smallest parts of Jawahar Kala Kendra either tell or make a story.

IMG_0028 copy

The building is designed with walls bearing paintings, murals, all of them based on astronomy and cosmology, but there are some which also give an honest tribute to art and theatre.

IMG_9973 copy

One of the oldest and most iconic coffee houses of Jaipur – Indian Coffee House, houses in its newly revamped look an admirable mural of Ebrahim Alkazi – a living legend who is one of the most influential Indian theatre directors and drama teachers belonging to 20th-century Indian theatre. 


The Coffee House in the lunar section portrays the less revealed aspects of Indian astronomy through the paintings and creativity shown here; even on the coffee – tables. Every table depicts a different phase of Moon as seen in a painting at the coffee house.


Adjoining the main building of JKK, a rural complex housed in it 9.5 acre complex known as Shilpgram is the venue for fairs, haat bazaars and festivals.

IMG_0724 copy

IMG_0008 copy

Let’s take a walk through this ultimate hub of arts and crafts through this video-

Rang Rajasthan- the Rajasthani International Art Festival begins today


The Pink City of Jaipur is ready for the one of its kind theater festival, Rang Rajasthan starting from tomorrow at Jawahar Kala Kendra.  The unique festival showcases plays, folk performances and celebrity talk shows, drenched in the colors of Rajasthan.

Rang Rajasthan is a Rajasthan Language Based Theatre Festival which is showcasing a beautiful and interesting array of plays, Rajasthan people exhibitions, International Theatre,  Celebrity Seminars, Art Competition and numerous more things. It gives a stage where neighbourhood theatre actors and Folk specialists work with internationally & broadly acclaimed executive and witnesses the works.

During a week long festival-Eight Rajasthani Language Plays and solo performances, folk music presentation, poetry session and Rajasthani tale telling session will be presented in the third edition of Rang Rajasthan organized by Rang Mastaaney Group.


First day i.e.; 6 Jan-Performance of ‘The Mix of Rajasthan Band’ at ‘Krishnayan (Black Box)’ at 5 pm.
And on the same day
in Rangayan Auditorium at 7 pm – Esteemed Rajasthani language director from Bikaner – Sudesh Vyas is going to present his play- ‘Dulari Bai’ – A Musical performance at the inaugural day of the festival.

Second day i.e. 7 Jan – Poem session (Kavi Sammelan) is being presented by famous Rajasthani Poets (Kavis) vi:- Vijay Mishra Danish, Dhanraj Dadeech, Kanhaiya Lal Kanha, Bhagwan Sahay Pareek, and Kalyan Singh Shekhawat in Krishnayan Audi from 5 pm onwards in Krishnayan (Black Box),JKK.
And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)-
From Jodhpur City Rajasthani Director AashishDeo Chaaran is coming with his play – Mhe Raja the praja’.

Third day i.e. 8 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- Young Director ‘Yogendra Singh Parmar along with Samar Veer Singh is going to present their play –Sahi Galat Ko Khel’ in Dholpuri Language . And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Esteemed Director Rajendra Panchal from Kota Bundi is coming with his play– ‘Katha SuKavi Suryakamall ki’ which will showcase the dilemma of Kavi Suryamal during the revolution of 1857 and his conversation with himself.


Fourth day i.e. 9 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- In the guidance of NSD Allumni Vishal Vijay- artist – Krishna Pal Singh Naruka, Ravindra Pareek, Deepak Gurjar and Ravi Ojha will tell the stories and tale of Rajasthan in Rajasthani to the audience.

And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Director Rajendra Payal is going to present his play- ‘Talwar’ – which is the wholesome of small -small talks and stories use to tell by People of Rajasthan in every rural area.


 Fifth day i.e. 10 Jan- In Krishnayan (Black Box), JKK. At 5 pm- Director Mahmood Ali is going to staged his play – Annuti Preet’
And on the same day at 7 pm in Rangayan (JKK)- Director Tapan Bhatt is presenting a satirical –comedy play- ‘Moonji Soorma Laxmidas’ which has a strong moral as a message.


Sixth day i.e. 11 Jan- In Rangayan Auditorium , JKK. At 7 pm- Veteran Theatre artist and Director/playist- Shree Sartaj Narayan Mathur is presenting his Live Musical Play performance –‘Khyaal Bharmali’- written by esteemed Rajasthani Writer Janaab Hammidullah,w hich was awarded ‘Rajasthan Sahitya Academy award in year 1978-79.
On the same day in Rangayan Auditorium , JKK. At 7 pm- From The city of lakes- NSD graduate Young Director Kaviraj Laique will give live musical live performance with his performers and artist to present Naag Bodas’ written play- Khabsoorat Bahu’ in sweet Mewari language- it is a live musical performance with the chorus.



Date Guest Speaker Profile Moderator
6 Jan Jagdish Chandra Katil Famoud Media Person Hemanth Acharya
7   Jan Mahendra Surana Tv Anchor(Prasshanottari Doordarshan ) and Radio Singer Raju Kumar
8 Jan Chhavi Rajawat India’s First youngest sarpanch Himanshi Rastogi
9 Jan Sabri Brothers Musicians and singers
10 Jan Chinmay Mehta Painter, Muralist and Designer Deepak Gera
11 Jan Vinod Joshi Community Director- Jaipur Virasat Foundation Reema Goyal
12 Jan Ustaad Zafar Khan &Mohd. Amaan


Tabla Player Padmaja Gungun
Ranagayan (J.K.K)रंगायन (जे.के.के) Krishnayan(J.K.K)कृष्णायण (जे.के.के)
7:00 pm 5:00 pm



Date Plays   Programme
6 Jan Dulari Bai
By Sudesh Vyas (Bikaner)
Mix Of Rajasthani Band(Folk Fusion Performance)
7 Jan Mhe Raja the praja 

By Aashish Deo Charan (Jodhpur)

Kavi Sammelan(Poem Reciting Session)


Poets:– Vijay Mishra Danish, Dhanraj Dadeech, Kanhaiya Lal Kanha, Bhagwan Sahay Pareek, and Kalyan Singh Shekhawat

8 Jan Katha Sukavi SuryaMall   Ki 

By Rajendra Panchal (Kota)


Sahi Galat Ko Khel(Play)

By Yogendra Singh Parmar &

Samar Veer Singh

9 Jan Talwar 

By Rajendra Payal (Jaipur)

Rajasthani Story Reading(Story Reading Session)


By Krishna Pal Singh Naruka, Ravindra Pareek, Deepak Gurjar and Ravi Ojha

10 Jan Moonji Soorma Laxmidas 

By Tapan Bhatt (Jaipur)

Annuti Preet
(Solo Performance) 

By Mahmood Ali


11 Jan Khyal Bharmali 

By Sartaj Narayan Mathur


WHY DON’T YOU LIKE SADNESS (International Performance)            BY Katarzyna Chmielewska)          (पधारो जी पावणा)
12 Jan Khabsoorat BahuBy Kaviraaj Laique Hussain


WHY DON’T YOU LIKE SADNESS (International Performance)            BY Katarzyna Chmielewska            (पधारो जी पावणा)

Jaipur Beat is glad to be the Digital Media Partner so as to enrich the culture of our state through this beautiful art fest.

So, Mark the dates: 6th January -12th January’17

Venue: Jawahar Kala Kendra- Jaipur

Art Gallery at Jawahar Kala Kendra


Jawahar Kala Kendra

In the vast gamut of Rajasthani heritage and art, the need of nurturing and incubating art and artists was prominently felt. This anomaly brought the foundation of an international art and culture centre in Jaipur, popularly known as Jawahar Kala Kendra.

Jawahar kala Kendra focused to the preservation and promotion of the various genres of Indian art and culture.

In the last few of years JKK has apparently become the popular cultural destination and is giving a point of reference to the newly arising art and cultural centers.  Through out the year cultural activities get accomplished in the JKK’s premises. This year the 4th Art gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra will have 25 artists from across the country displaying their paintings and photographs.

The exhibition will start from April 11 to 14, 2014 and the timings would be 10.00 am to 07.30 pm including Sunday. This weekend explore the inspiring paintings & photographs, and experience the real and authentic Rajasthan at Jawahar Kala Kendra.

World Tourism Day Celebration in Jaipur



On World Tourism Day today i.e. September 27, 2013, The Department of Tourism of every state is doing something on this occasion to foster awareness about social, cultural, political and economic values of tourism, so is Rajasthan’s.  The Hon’ble Minister Tourism, Art & Culture, Ms Bina Kak graced the celebration of the World tourism Day by inaugurating the website of ‘Rajasthan State Archives Department’ yesterday. The website displays more than 35 lakh historical documents of erstwhile princely states and the state’s history.


For today, a number of events are lined up in the Jaipur city to delight tourists.
There is going to be a bonanza of Rajasthani folk music and dances for music lovers at the open air theatre in Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in the evening.

download (4)

During the day, a photography exhibition on heritage tourism will also be displayed at the JKK. Besides this, there are going to be performances of folk dancers, shehnai and nagada players at Jaipur’s most prominent and ancient museum i.e. Albert Hall, astronomical observatory which is Jantar Mantar and the beautiful fort, Amer fort during the day.

download (1)


Not just this. The foreign as well as domestic tourists visiting Jaipur today will be distributed tourism literature and will be accorded a warm welcome by being garlanded at Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar, Amer fort, Tourism Reception Centre, Air Port, Railway Station and the Bus Stand. To add, there is a free entry to all museums and heritage structures today.

download (2)



Be a part of the colorful activities and experience the richness of culture during such celebrations in Rajasthan!!

Picture Courtesy: Jaipur Beat.

Lokrang 2012 at Jawahar Kala Kendra-Jaipur


To present a perfect blend of Indian culture and colours of traditions through nine days long dance festival ‘Lokrang-2012′ and national handicraft fair ‘Gandhi Shilp Bazar’ kicks off at Jawahar Kala Kendra on Tuesday. Rajasthan governor Margret Alva inaugurated the fest by flag hoisting.

On Wednesday fest spun the magic of Lavani by the artists from Maharashtra. For the following days, there will be Daang of Gujarat, Siddhigoma of Gujarat, Samai/Dekhni of Goa, Gatka of Punjab, Naati of Himachal, Faag of Haryana and Bhapang Vandna by Rajasthani artists and so on.

To the delight of Art and Craft Lovers, there is ‘Gandhi Shilp Bazar’ that has a variety of collections on 175 stalls including wood work, embroidery, textile, lakh bangles, can bamboo, hand-loom, jute, patch work, blue pottery, terracotta, paper mache, leather work, jute craft, wooden toys and much more. Enjoy the Nine days of fun and frolic at the Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur-Rajasthan

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Schedule of ‘Lokrang-2012′

Oct 31  – Maharashtra – Lavani
Gujarat – Daang
Gujarat – Siddhigoma
Goa – Samai/Dekhni
Punjab – Gatka
Himachal – Naati
Haryana – Faag
Rajasthan – Bhapang Vandana

Nov 1 – Maharashtra – Lavani
Gujarat – Daang
Gujarat – Siddhigoma
Goa – Samai/Dekhni
Punjab – Gatka
Himachal – Naati
Haryana – Faag
Uttar Pradesh – Braj Hori/Mayur Dance
Rajasthan – Bhopa-Bhopi

Nov 2 – Punjab – Bhangda/Gidda
Uttrakhand – Chhapaili
Jammu Kashmir – Kud
Rajasthan – Bhavai, Aangi Gaur
Nov 3 – Jharkhand – Santhal, Paika
Haryana – Folk Dance
Punjab – Bhangda/Gidda
Uttrakhand – Chhapaili
Jammu Kashmir – Kud
Lakshdweep – Opanna, Kolkali
Rajasthan – Chakri

Nov 4 – Jharkhand – Santhal, Paika
Haryana – Folk Dance
Punjab – Bhangda/Gidda
Uttrakhand – Chhapaili
Jammu Kashmir – Kud
Lakshdweep – Opanna, Kaulkalli
Goa – Mando/ Dekhni
Rajasthan – Grasiya

Nov 5 – Bihar – JhiJhiya
Madhya Pradesh – Baigpardhoni
Uttrakhand – Khidiya
Lakshdweep – Opanna, Kaulkalli
Karnataka – Gokhra Kunita, Viragara, Puja Kunita, Dance of drums, Bamboo dance, Dance of sticks
Manipur – Thangta/ Laai Haroba

Nov 6 – Bihar – JhiJhiya
Madhya Pradesh – Baigpardhoni
Uttrakhand – Khidiya,Gokhra Kunita, Viragara, Puja Kunita
Karnataka – Dance of drums, Bamboo dance, Dance of sticks
Manipur – Thangta/ Laai Haroba

Nov 7 – Bihar – JhiJhiya
Madhya Pradesh – Baigpardhoni
Uttrakhand – Khidiya
Assam – Bardoi Shikhla