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Rajasthan’s Wildlife Reserves and National Parks to remain open in Monsoon


Ranthambhore Gate

Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts can add one more option to their list of holiday destinations this monsoon. The national parks in Rajasthan, which are usually closed for monsoon between July 1 and September 30, will be thrown open to the tourists’ jungle safari by the forest department.

Ruins of Ranthambhore


Ranthambore National Park (RNP), Sariska and Mukundra Tiger Reserves are the ones that will be kept open this monsoon season. The decision was taken at a recent meeting of the standing committee of the State Board of Wildlife and the Tiger Conservation Federation. Although, the onus of taking appropriate steps to implement the order with due attention to safety concerns, has been left to respective field directors.


During the last monsoon, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve had thrown open zones 6 to 10 for the public, where chances of tiger sightings were almost zero. But in a year, these have become popular zones of the critical tiger habitat, with reports good sightings of the big cat. “Tigers breed during all 12 months of a year. Some jungle tracks become slushy, but most of the terrain in the park is dry . Besides, opening the zones to tourism helped to check illegal grazing, cutting of forest, and other illegal activities during the monsoon as well as to monitor the movement of tigers,” wildlife experts said.


 Zones in these parks will be kept open on a rotational basis for three months around the year, wherein each zone would be closed for three months. During monsoons, some zones will be opened for tourism depending on the critical circumstances, condition of roads and keeping in mind the safety of tourists.

So, plan your trip to Rajasthan now if you are looking forward to enjoying the thrills of Jungle in monsoon!

Ranthambore Tigers Get Their Numbers


Once a hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Jaipur and now a Project Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park or Ranthambhore is one of the largest national parks in northern India, covering an area of 392 km². It is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, about 160 km southeast of Jaipur. Ranthambore gives a unique flavor of nature, history and wildlife and houses a large number of Bengal tigers that can be easily observed hunting and taking care of their young ones during the jungle safari.

Tiger Ranthambhore

After the oldest tigress in the country – Machli celebrated its 20th birthday last week, this week the authorities have decided to assign numbers to the tigers for their easy identification. Ranthambore National Park is said to be the first park in the country to begin the tradition of assigning numbers to the tigers on the basis of photographs in the year 2009.


Tiger Tourism

The first time numbers from T -1 to T – 45 were allotted in 2009 and later in 2013 from T – 46 to T -75. As some new tigers have not been spotted from a couple of days now and even the adult tigers would now be defining a particular territory to themselves, the authorities have taken a step to assign them numbers from T- 76 to T – 91 for their easy sighting and tracking.



Safari Season ends


Jungle safari season in most of the wild life parks and sanctuaries in Rajasthan has ended.  It marks the start of three months  vacation for the hoteliers and tourist dependent vendors. Such closures might bring financial hardships for human beings but the original inhabitants feel relieved that there will be no human interference during their mating season.


Animals are basically shy in nature and need a cover for every activity of theirs and what a better cover then the lush green cover which nature provides during this quarter of the year. The prominent spots for jungle safari in Rajasthan, Ranthambore National park, Sariska National Park, Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Desert National Sanctuary, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh Wild life Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh, Darrah Sanctuary, Kota, Sita Mata Sanctuary, Pratapgarh., Kela devi wild life Sanctuary, Karauli  will be out of bounds for tourists up to 30th. September.


RNPChange4The visitors  will be able to witness the world fame Tigers in Ranthambore from 1st. October onwards.


Advance booking for Ranthambhore Safari


The lush green Ranthambhore National Park awaits your visit as the park opens post monsoons on October 01, 2013.


As per the discussions held at meeting organized by Ranthambore National Park authorities, the advance Jeep, Canter Safari booking and the online jeep /canter safari booking for the season 2013-14 is scheduled to be open for the visitors after September 15, 2013.

It is also informed that only limited number of Jeeps and canters will be available for game drivers in advance booking quota.

Ranthambhore Tiger


So, if you are planning to unravel the surprises of jungle this season then plan from now!!

Requirements to Book Safaris:

(01) Full names of all persons visiting the National Park.

(02) Passport numbers of all persons visiting the National Park.