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Celebrate The Joyous Occasion of Krishnashtami Today!


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With the hymns and chants of “Hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal” coming from deep inside the hearts, the devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate his birthday today.

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Though the celebrations start with the blissful sunrise but the enjoyment accentuates towards the end of the day, as he is actually said to be born at 12 in the midnight and illuminate his presence to bless his followers.


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This festival is celebrated with tremendous joy in all the temples offering a feast to the Lord worldwide but the core or focal point of this extravagant gathering lies amidst the Walled City of Jaipur in the premises of Govind Devji Temple between 4:00 am in the morning till 10:30 at night. The other temples which we cannot forget to mention are Radha Rasbihari Temple, the famous Iskon Temple, Akshardham Temple; they also shine in their own beauty on this special occasion.


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So, enjoy the festival with hymning some beautiful devotional phrases which float in the air with great enthusiasm, along with enjoying the lavish feast as we remember the Maakhan Chor!

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Acting As Natural Coolers – Some Monuments In Rajasthan You Never Knew About


Our ancestors long before predicted the modern climate phase and designed so beautifully looking monuments. Some of these ancient architectures of the land of Rajasthan are designed so as to portray natural cooling system principle. Rajasthan’s Hawa Mahal and Chand Baori are a perfect example of how the interiors served as natural coolers without the use of electricity.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal was constructed around 300 years ago by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. He being a believer of Lord Krishna designed it in the form of a crown – his ‘mukut’. This unique ‘Palace of Winds’ has its roots from physics’ Venturi effect. According to this principle, the fluid pressure is reduced and is constricted in a fixed path which lets the same cool air to flow all around. Another important feature which helps it to be a natural cooler is its walls. They are made of lime and stone which not only help cool the surroundings but also increases the life span of this well preserved monument.

Chand Boari

Chand Baori, a step well with around 3500 stairs is also situated in the dry arid land of Rajasthan. Serving two purposes at the same time- one of water collection and storage and other, providing a stage for leisurely activities, this funnel shaped creation of Raja Chand is also an example of natural cooling principle. Based on the passive cooling strategy, the consistent temperature of soil is absorbed to cool a building. This 13 storey Boari is a well portrayed example of natural cooling system.

Janmashtami celebration in Jaipur


With the harmonious tunes of Shehnai and the bass of drums, Janmashtami festival kicked off in Jaipur.  Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of Krishna, the most highly venerated God in the Hindu pantheon. The popular Hindu festival, Janmashtami is a festival of joy and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the Hindu people. According to the legendary tale, Lord Krishna is presumed to have made his divine appearance at midnight, in the 28th year of Dwapur Yug.

Govind dev ji Jaipur

Janmashtami is celebrated with tremendous fervor in Jaipur and the epicenter for these celebrations is the popular Govind Devji Temple in City Palace premises.

From now on, till Janmashtami, the 28th August, 2013, the idols of Radha Govind ji will be placed in a specially decorated swing and the temple would explode with colors and energy.

Thousands of worshipers will multitude the temple and celebrate the festival with an outpouring of poetry, ecstatic music and dance in both classical and common languages amid the soothing sound of temple bells.


Till August28, 2013 temple will follow new time schedule. According to this Gwal Jhanki will be open at 5.45 pm, Sandhya Jhanki at 6.30 pm and Shayan Jhanki at 9.30 pm.

Be a part of the celebration and get engrossed in the melodious ambiance of Janmashtami celebration at Govind Dev ji Temple in Jaipur.