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14 Monsoon Destinations Of Rajasthan You Must Visit


No other province awaits rains like the desert state of Rajasthan. The first shower of monsoon is like a breath of relief and a full stop to the constant endurance of blazing heat. After a long scorching summer, a monsoon vacation is a must and to make it even more relaxing and refreshing, exploring the beauty of Rajasthan should be on the top of your bucket list. And to know why, take a look at some of the amazing and some hidden destinations of this state which become way more attractive with every shower.

  1. Udaipur

Known as the Venice of East, the rains can bring the romance alive in this city of lakes. The view of clouds, the smell of rain, the greenery and royalty of Taj Lake Palace, City Palace, Sajjangarh Fort aka Monsoon Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir and their surroundings will make you fall in love all over again.

RTB - Udaipur

  1. Bhainsrorgarh

Who doesn’t love the view of lush green forests and river in monsoon? The heritage boutique hotel of Bhainsrorgarh situated on a cliff on the banks of Chambal River will give you the time of your life. Sightseeing during rains, visit to the Badoli Temple, capturing the beauty of the river and enjoy the moments of relaxation while dining on a cliff is monsoon bliss 😉


Image Credit: www.bhainsrorgarh.com

  1. Mount Abu

Visiting a hill station during monsoon can be your first best decision and choosing Mount Abu for the same would be your second best. It is a lethal combination of rains, amazing weather for trek, mountains, waterfalls, flora and fauna, and getting breath taking views from Dilwara Jain Temple and Nakki Lake.

Boat race competition being held at the Nakki Lake in the Summer Festival in Mount Abu.

  1. Keoladeo

Monsoon is the best time of the year to come and enjoy the natural beauty of Keoladeo National Park aka Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary since more than 350 avian species are available for bird watching. The Bharatpur Forest Lodge can be your stop to sit, feel the rain and enjoy the melodious chirping all around.

Keoladeo Sanctuary

  1. Narlai

Midway between Jodhpur and Udaipur, Narlai can be your next destination. Old havelis, jeep safari for spotting deer, panthers, chital, leopards, and trekking are some of the major attractions for this time of the year.

  1. Bundi

Special for receiving greatest amount of rainfall, Bundi is also famous for the Hadoti Palace, the step wells, Nawal Sagar Lake, and beautifully carved havelis; this less explored travel destination has its own story to tell via the rains.


  1. Kumbhalgarh

The rains and cool breeze would be welcoming and soothing for you to visit Kumbhalgarh fort or go out in the wild on a jeep safari in Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. This is the right weather for you to watch the real beauty of the flora and fauna that comes out with the rain.


  1. Mahansar

If you are into mythology, Mahansar is the right destination for you where the sone-chandi ki dukan portray gold leaf paintings of Ramayan and life of Krishna, and to enjoy the best of it you need to take a break from burning summers and visit the place during monsoon. The greenery accompanied with cool temperature will leave you amazed.

Sone Chandi Ki dukan

Image Credit: www.imagesofrajasthan.com

  1. Pushkar

The lakes, the wildlife, the scenic beauty and desert camping are only a few of the major attractions in Pushkar. The city comes to life during monsoons as completely different shades of Pushkar are visible in the midst of monsoon showers.

Pushkar Lake

  1. Kuchaman

One of the hidden destinations of Rajasthan, Kuchaman has a lot in store for you especially during monsoons. The cool and refreshing weather is perfect to visit and praise the beauty of Kuchaman Fort, the cliffs, Sheesh Mahal, Meera Mahal, and Jal Mahal.

Kuchaman Fort and otel India November 2009

Image Credit: www.flickr.com

  1. Mandawa

Another unexplored place of Rajasthan is Mandawa. The rains are a perfect time to enjoy the old havelis, paintings and open air art gallery in the Mandawa Palace.


  1. Ranakpur

Known for its spectacular marble Jain temple and few other temples like the sun temple, Ranakpur is ideal when admired in monsoon season. The fall in temperature makes it easier to wander and enjoy the incredible architecture.

Ranakpur (1)

  1. Jaipur

Last yet not the least – capital city, the Pink City. Witness the Teej festival which marks the advent of monsoon along with the awe inspiring sites of Jal Mahal, Albert Hall museum, step wells, Hawa Mahal and the temples in Jaipur especially during the rains because it’s the best time of the year to enjoy the marvelous beauty of the city.

jal Mahal Jaipur

And you cannot skip the delicious cuisine of Rajasthan while going around the state and enjoying the major attractions, can you?



Some Offbeat Tourist Spots Of Rajasthan


The tourist circuit of Rajasthan has large number of destinations where tourists throng in huge numbers but a few of them, though, are slowly creeping on the circuit’s horizon still are not on the radar of an average tourist. A visit to these rarely frequented places will give a deep insight to state’s culture in contrast to the stereotyped presentation which regular tourist spots provide.  Not visited by horde of average tourists, such places are less crowded and chaotic with an added bonus of enjoying the luxury of the leisure of top class hospitality too.  All one has to expand his look beyond the more famous destination and he or she can get true rustic feeling of palaces, forts, camels’ et al for which Rajasthan is famous for.

A few of them are listed for your patronage:

1. Barmer


Nestled in The Great Thar Desert, Barmer though does not has any monument worth naming but a traveller will engross into richness of colour, cosiness of local unspoilt  love for traditions which  is the USP of Barmer. An adventure loving tourist can experience the rugged environs of barren land in long stretches, ruthless weather, difficult terrain, but, beauty of wood carvings, carpets, elaborate embroidery crafted by local craftsmen can work as reprieve. Barmer festival is organised in the month of March which makes it ideal period to visit Barmer.

2. Banswada



A true picture of how Rajasthan and its people are can be seen in Banswada, a district in southern part of Rajasthan. Its nomenclature originates from grooves of Bamboo surrounding it. A tribal habitat dominated by Bhils does boast of some ancient monuments in its kitty. A representative specimen of Rajput architecture, City Palace, Anand Sagar Lake an artificial lake, Madareshwar, a grand Shiva temple and ruins of the old city surrounded by Stone wall and a majestic palace of former rulers.

3. Rawla Narlai


Before moving to other parts of Rajasthan, one can culminate the trip to this part by visiting Rawla Narlai. Wish to relish the feeling of how graciously and splendidly the rulers of princely states lived do include this spot in your itinerary. The virginity of the place lies in 17th. Century fortress lying beneath a 350 ft. Rock which though converted into a heritage hotel retains its original heritage with huge courtyards, gardens, balconies, porches etc. along with food cooked and served in regal style extend to the reminisces of yore. A perfect place to rejuvenate oneself among hillocks and temples oozing with natural beauty.


4. Kuchaman


Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, though offers a lot to tourists has not gained much prominence and  an apt example is Kuchaman, a town founded in `1781 AD by Thakur Zalim Singh has a nice looking Fort which gives a feeling of standstill time effect with wide collection of inlaid semi-precious stones, glass and gold paint. Stay at fort gives an opportunity to watch blue sky with all its radiance in contrast to the cities where it is stolen due to pollution in environment. The palace of Glass or Sheeshmahal still brims in all its glory. The ideal season to visit Kuchaman is during winters when you can time it with Camel Fair held at Pushkar hardly 100 kms. away.

5. Mahansar


Another Shekhawati town established in 1768 is about 40 kms. away from Jhunjhunu  displays astonishing collection of elaborated artwork and paintings. A   stand out attraction being Sone chand ki dukan a 18th Century Haweli where images of Ramayana and the life of Krishna are displayed on three tier ceilings and walls showcasing outstanding painting involving complicated golden leaves. Many more hawelis of Mahansar add to its attraction besides Raghunath Temple and big Halls.