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Pushkar Fair to begin from 4th November 2019

Pushkar Fair to begin from 4th November 2019

There’s nothing like Pushkar Camel Fair. It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of Rajasthan and experiencing the festival is the dream of every traveler. This is the time when Pushkar comes truly alive with multiple hues. The small sleepy town comes out of its hibernation mode and becomes the playground of people from the world over.

pushkar camel fair (4)

The history of Pushkar Fair is a hundred years old but the festival keeps not only that historic spirit alive but also has new age elements to it now. This year the much-awaited fair will begin on 4th November and will culminate on 12th November on the day of Hindu festival Kartik Purnima.

pushkar camel fair (3)

pushkar camel fair (6)

Apart from the buying and selling of livestock, the fair has become an important tourist attraction. Competitions such as the ‘matka phod’, ‘longest moustache’ and ‘bridal competition’ are the main draws for this fair, which attracts thousands of tourists. In recent years, the fair has also included an exhibition cricket match between the local Pushkar Club and a team of foreign tourists. Pushkar Camel Fair has so many events and activities that your day will be full but we advise you to take out a little time to stroll in the narrow lanes of the town. Also, don’t forget to try local foods and do indulge in retail therapy. Spend some time at the famous Brahma Temple and watch the evening Aarti at Pushkar Lake too.

pushkar camel fair (2)

pushkar camel fair (1)

For your convenience, here’s a tentative impression of the flow of events at Pushkar Camel fair 2019.

4th to 9th November – Cattle Trading
Cattle trading is at its peak during these days along with a variety of cattle contests.

10th to 11th November –  Cultural Galore
These two days will see some cultural activities like dance shows, music performances sponsored by the Rajasthan State Government.

12th November – Holy Dips
This is the Holy Day when people take dips in the Pushkar Lake, and other religious ceremonies take place.

Braj Holi Festival in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Braj Holi Festival in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

JKK Brij Holi 2

The Braj festival in Rajasthan is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is believed to have spent a considerable amount of time in the region called Braj in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. This festival not only replicates the spirit of Holi but also impersonates the timeless love of Radha and Krishna. The most beautiful highlight of this festival is the Raslila dance performed with great zest and unity. The entire town of Bharatpur is painted into the colours of love and gaiety, where no one is spared from being splashed with colours.

JKK Brij Holi 1

Celebrated a few days ahead of the actual color festival of holi, the braj holi of bharatpur commemorates the same colorful spirit with great pomp and gusto. The town changes tones. The clouds above are jealous of the clouds below, which will wear but white. Splashes of joy are ubiquitous. Come to Braj for the Braj Holi Festival. As the shades mix, a new hue awaits you on 17th March, 2019.

Braj holi

Braj holi schedulebraj holi 3

Soak in the magic of Music, Heritage, and Culture at Jodhpur RIFF 2018



Timed to coincide with “Sharad Purnima” the brightest full moon of the year, this year being 24th -28th October in north India, Jodhpur RIFF features a series of mesmerizing concerts and spectacular events based in and around Mehrangarh Fort.
Mehrangarh Fort is voted “Asia’s Best Fortress” by Time Magazine.



India’s most magical destination festival, JodhpurRIFF combines the incredible setting of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur with an eclectic lineup of Indian and international artists in a 5-day musical extravaganza.  The festival is a not-for-profit partnership project involving two of India’s leading heritage trusts: Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation.



Jodhpur RIFF’s festivities will be kicked off by a two and a half hour variety program of traditional Rajasthani music, also featuring excerpts from our main stage performances and ending in a rousing finale with drummers and dancers. So, if you’re planning a trip to Jodhpur and will be there between 24-28 October, you are in for quite the treat.


Download the entire day wise (24th to 28th October 2018) programme schedule from https://www.jodhpurriff.org/

Note: All Images via jodhpurriff.org

Soak Into The Colourful Festival Of Gangaur With Shahpura, Near Jaipur


Rajasthan boosts not only in its history and heritage but its beauty reflects in its sparkling deserts, monuments and colorful festivals. On this note, we will take you to one of the most beautiful festivals of RajasthanGANGAUR, which truly embodies the spirit of diversity.


Gangaur is one of the most colorful & auspicious festivals of Rajasthan – celebrating spring, harvest & marital fidelity. While ‘Gana‘ is another name for Lord Shiva, ‘Gaur‘ symbolises Gauri aka Parvati, his wife, also an epitome of marital bliss. The 18-day festival is observed by both married & unmarried women where they fast, women dress up in red bandhani sarees and turban clad men worship the clay idols of Isar & Parvati.


When the bright skies have ushered in the festive season of spring, the remote town of Shahpura, located 65 km from the capital Jaipur, came culturally alive when the pious deities of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata were regally taken around the streets and worshipped with vigour & devotion by both men and women.  The Shahpura Gangaur Festival, hosted at Shahpura Haveli was organized by Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation in association with the Rajasthan Tourism Department.


On the day of Gangaur, the celebration began with the married & unmarried woman; all dressed in colorful Rajasthani attires worshipped idols of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata at the Shahpura Haveli. It was a spectacle to see the idols being gloriously taken to Rawla Moti Mahal, where the great Gangaur Mahotsav was organised. The major attractions of Shahpura Gangaur Festival were the cultural performances of local artists & folk musicians of Rajasthan, several kinds of regional nritya (dances) like Mayur, Nritya, Masak Nritya, Behpang Nritya, magician performance, horse show, and other traditional games & competitions. Artists from various parts of the country namely Udaipur, Deeg, Jodhpur, Haryana, Punjab performed magnificently oozing talent with their euphonic tunes and twinkle toes. The royal family of Shahpura also participated in the festival. The Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation Trust, which works for the upliftment of the downtrodden sections of this small village of Shahpura also felicitated the local artisans in a ceremony.





Pic courtesy- Anudeep Mathur

The grand procession of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata began with all its regal pomp and pageantry at 5 p.m. from Rawla Moti Mahal. Both men & women could be seen beaming in colors of Rajasthan.  The procession passing through the vivid markets of the town, encompassed horses, camels, traditional folk dancers, brass bands from Punjab, lancers etc. along with the pious deities of Gangaur Mata ji and Bhagwan Isar ji Maharaj, finally converging at the newly restored Gopinath Temple. The town was seen teeming with both foreign nationals and domestic tourists rejoicing the festivities.

Pic courtesy: Anudeep Mathur

Celebrated with great pomp and show, Shahpura Gangaur Festival gave visitors and tourists a spectacular opportunity to observe Rajasthan’s magnificent culture from close quarters. We are already waiting for next year to witness such a splendid event in a all its royal glamour. Are you?



Get Colorful As Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!


The vibrant festival of colors – Holi is back this month (23rd and 24th March 2016). This festival is celebrated in all of India, heralding the arrival of spring and giving adieu to winter. Spring season symbolizes a new beginning, fresh and optimistic start to life.


The colorful festival of Holi has a mythological significance attached to it.

DAY 1 (23rd March 2016):

On the eve of Holi, people light bonfire to mark the occasion of evil spirits in a ritual called Holika Dahan. Prahlad, a young follower of Lord Vishnu was forcefully taken into the burning fire but escaped the fire which proved to be a miracle. This was thus regarded as the triumph over evil.


DAY 2 (24th March 2016):

The next morning, people celebrate the victory with vibrant colors, singing, dancing, eating delicacies and celebrate the joyous moment of life by socializing with everyone. People dance to the beats of drums, sing, play games, drink bhanng and enjoy the festival in full energy and spirit.


The royal courts of Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan play this festival in their unique style by throwing colors with tourists and visitors from all around the world.  The entire region is painted in colors as no one minds getting colorful on this day as people shout – Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!

Why January-February are the best months to travel to Rajasthan!


We bet January is a fantastic month to travel to Rajasthan. The pleasant weather is more welcoming in this month. This time of the year is more promising if you are a traveler who loves to discover every bit of your destination and just don’t want to confine yourself in the luxury and comforts of any resort/hotel.

It’s that time when the natives just love making life a celebration and display to the world why Rajasthan is called the ‘land of colors’. In each of the festivals there is something special to see.


So, why not pack your bags and plan a trip to Jaipur, Bikaner, Shekhawati and Jaisalmer and enjoy the varied shades of festivity during the month of January and February.


Jaipur Tourism

Jaipur Tourism


This is the best time to visit Jaipur when the blushing Pink city enjoys multiple festivals viz, Kite festival, international kite flying competition on Sankranti, Jaipur Literature Festival, Vintage Car Rally and Polo season.

Image via Google

Image via Google

  1. Kite Festival: January 14, 2016

Kite Festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Jaipur. On this day, colourful kites are flown over the pink city; the sky can be seen full of colors and as the sun sets fabulous fireworks brighten up the night sky. International Kite flyers land in the city to participate in Kite Flying competitions organized at Jal Mahal.   Devotees even take a dip into the holy waters.

  1. Jaipur Lit Festival– 21st to 25th January 2016

It is an annual literary festival, which takes place in the Pink City of Jaipur since 2006. It is also described as Asia’s biggest literary festival.

Jaipur Literature Festival

3. 18th annual Vintage and Classic car rally – January 23rd ( Exhibition) and 24th ( Drive) of.Jaipur Polo Season- December 28 – January 31, 2016

Image Courtesy: Rajputana Automative Sports Club, Jaipur

Image Courtesy: Rajputana Automative Sports Club, Jaipur


4. Jaipur Polo Season- December 28 – January 31, 2016

Image Jaipur Polo Club

Image Jaipur Polo Club

Bikaner Camel Festival– Organized by Department Of Tourism on January 09 and 10, 2016, the Bikaner Camel Fair focuses on finely decked up camels, camel shows, camel races and camel dances. January is just the right month with this mesmerizing display of colors and culture of Rajasthan.

camel camel in the evening


Kumbhalgarh Festival
Kumbhalgarh festival is scheduled to take place from 28th to 30th January, 2016. The festival is mainly divided into two parts, one for the day time and other for evening. Day time’s festivities offer folk performances by the folk artists of Rajasthan with exciting competitions for tourists. Evening in Kumbhalgarh is just breathtaking with the explosion of sound, light, colour and dance multiplying its beauty many times. A visit to Kumbhalgarh in this beautiful month would be your moments of lifetime.

kumbhalgarh (1) Kumbhalgarh

Shekhawati Festival The entire Shekhawati region will be transformed into a venue of fair and festivals from 12th to 14th February, 2016. The Shekhawati festival delivers a gala event for the sale and purchase of cattle. The festival also has an assortment of attractions for art and craft lovers. Experience the true vibrancy of rural Rajasthan alongside frescoed havelis and return home with an unforgettable impression of friendliness of the people and comprehensive agricultural revolution in the villages of Shekhawati.

Image Courtesy: shekhawatifestival.com

Image Courtesy: shekhawatifestival.com

Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

Jaisalmer Festival   With interesting activities like camel racing, turban tying, and the longest moustache competition, this quirky Indian festival is no less than the excitement of Bikaner camel Fair. Jaisalmer Festival ( 20th to 22nd February) showcases the cultural wonders of Rajasthan in each and every aspect. Dressed in vibrant and colorful attire, the people of Jaisalmer dance and sing on foot tapping ballads of heroism, romance and tragedy of yore, which is a pure treat to soul.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Fireworks fill the sky, splashing the town with even more burst of colors and bringing the Jaisalmer fort to life for three days.


So wait no more, you have the calendar dates and the list of cities with their respective festivals to be held in the month of January and February, book you tickets and Padharo Mhare Des 🙂

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Begins in Jaipur


GAnesh modakThe festival of Ganesh Chaturthi begins from today. And Rajasthan is famous for two Lord Ganesha Temples that celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with fervor. One is the Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple and the other is Ganeshji temple in Sawai Madhopur.

In the middle of Jaipur there rises a small hill Moti Dungri meaning ‘Pearl hill’, since it looks like a drop of pearl on the top of a hill. The Moti Dungri hill is occupied by a palace and a temple. Moti Dungri temple of‪ Jaipur‬ is significant for worshipping Lord Ganesha, where many people from far away come to this sacred temple. Here the festival is celebrated on a grand scale.

If you are lucky to be in Jaipur for the following week, then don’t miss to attend the Ganesh Chaturthi festival at Moti Dungri temple.


In Sawai Madhopur, the festival is rather more special. The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is located in the fort of Ranthambore, about 12kms from Sawai Madhopur and it is one of the most important Ganesha temples in Rajasthan. The temple celebrates three days of Ganeshotsav with great fervor where thousands of pilgrims come to pay homage to the idol. On the final day of Ganesh Chaturthi the replica of idol is taken out and finally submerged into the water pond nearby. This year’s dates for Ganeshotsav at Sawai Madhopur are 15, 16 and 17th September.

Special trains are also run by Indian Railways for the convenience of pilgrims of Ranthambhore Ganesha Temple.


This year, Ganesh Chaturthi falls on 17th September. If you are enthusiastic about visiting the sacred temple of Ganesha in Jaipur and Ranthambhore, then plan your trip now!