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Live It Up in Jodhpur at On The Rocks

Live It Up in Jodhpur at On The Rocks

Jodhpur is a beautiful city still rooted in tradition. The city with exotic blue houses reveres the erstwhile royal family of Jodhpur even today. You will find a century old clock tower here which is still functioning. The vibrancy and hustle bustle of the city has its own charm.

where to eat in jodhpur

In this happy city, there is a place that strikes the right balance between tradition and modernity- On The Rocks. Food, drinks and music are the things that give happiness to everyone. When you get these pleasures in a classy ambiance, the joy increases! The exclusivity of On The Rocks makes it a must-visit place when you are in Jodhpur.

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On The Rocks is not just a restaurant or a bar, rather it’s a place that provides a variety of ambiances to suit different tastes. There are five completely different setups here and we will take you through each of them.


rocktails jodhpur pub

This is a pub, the place to dance and drink. You can wet your throat with any drink of your choice when you get tired of dancing. The drinks will energize you and you will be ready to own the dance floor again. The special Kebab Platter here will make your drinking experience a delicious one.



on the rocks jodhpur

Just like the simple and obvious name, this bar is for everyone. Nasha has drawn inspiration from the dark and dingy bars of 70’s Bollywood. It has posters of movies of the era to add to the feeling. You can come here for a drink anytime you want to get recharged.



machan on the rocks

Want an intimate fine-dining experience? Machan will take care of your needs. The place has been designed to look like a hut erected in a tree. On the lower floor, you can sit with your loved ones at a secluded table and have good time. If you want to enjoy a private party, the upper floor is all yours. You can book it for a small party in a wild atmosphere.


Neem Tree Court

best restaurant in jodhpur (1)

The freshness of neem tree while dining will do you a whole lot of good. Neem Tree Court is the place for Al-Fresco dining. The family restaurant in Jodhpur has been set in the shade of a neem tree to provide a unique feeling. You will really love the Tandoori and Mughlai food offered here.



redstone cafe jodhpur

This is a café with rustic charm. Redstone offers authentic Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The place has a very old-world kind of feeling which gives it a quirky touch.

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On The Rocks is basically a place with vintage elements and also has a whiff of Rajasthan. If you are a resident of Jodhpur, this place has to be your favorite hangout. If you are a visitor, you must experience this little world to holiday in style!


Near Circuit House, National Highway 65,
Ajit Colony Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India
Telephone: 0291 510 2701

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A Delicious Food Trail of Rajasthan

A Delicious Food Trail of Rajasthan

Indians love eating and when it comes to Indian cuisines, the love becomes even stronger. Food from Rajasthan is not limited to the state and enjoyed by people everywhere. But the fact remains that if you want to get the authentic taste, you have to be in Rajasthan.

The state has a huge variety of main course dishes, desserts and snacks. There are way too many to list here so we are presenting the food items that are the most popular and are highly tempting-

Daal Baati

Dal Baati

Everybody even remotely interested in Indian food knows about this integral part of Rajasthani cuisine. Bati is basically a baked ball of whole wheat flour. You even get Bati stuffed with veggies and dry fruits.

Daal is a spicy preparation of lentils which completes Bati. Mirchi Ke Tapore is another side dish made of green chillies which is served with Daal Bati.


Laal Maas

Lal Maans

Laal Maas or Red Mutton is a delight for every non-vegetarian foodie. The spicy dish was a favorite of royals and still enjoys a dedicated following. Laal Maas is very hot and spicy thanks to a whole lot of red chilies added to it.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatta Curry

Besan or Chickpea flour dumplings are the main elements of this curry. These dumplings or Gatte are dunked in the thick gravy and taste heavenly with both Roti and rice. For a royal twist, Gatte are filled with nuts and dry fruits too. This richer version is known as Govind Gatte.

Besides Gatte Ki Sabzi, Gatte ka Pulao (rice) is also a delicious take on Gatte.


Papad Ki Sabzi

papad ki sabzi

Ever imagined that the crispy Papads can be turned into curry? Well, you will not be able to resist Papad soaked in yummy gravy.

Rajasthan specializes in turning crispies into curries as you will even find savory curry made with Besan Sev only in this state. Both these curries find perfect match in hot chapattis.


Safed Maas

safed maas

This mutton recipe is a little on the sweet side. The cashew-nut gravy and curd lend a truly indulgent taste to this curry. Safed Maas has flavors of cumin, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom.


Ker Sangri

Ker sangri

Ker is a berry while Sangri is a kind of bean. These two are combined to create a tangy dish that is a must in every Marwari wedding. This is a side dish which can enhance the flavor of any meal.




Kadhi is cooked in different styles in many regions of India. Rajasthani Kadhi is made with Besan like most other varieties of Kadhi but it is spicy. It is made even tastier with the addition of besan pakoda.

If you see kadhi without Pakodas in Rajasthan, don’t be surprised as it is served without them along with daal bati and snacks.


Mangodi KI Sabzi

Methi Mangodi

Mangodi is prepared with paste of grounded moong daal & spices and then dried under sun for a few days. These mangodis are then used to make a curry with spicy gravy. Enjoy the sabzi with rotis.





Daal Bati finds its perfect companion in the decadent flavors of Churma. Churma is made with whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. Churma tastes great whether enjoyed in its crushed form or as laddoos.




These little ‘pancakes’ quoted with nutty sugar syrup are the ultimate indulgence. Malpuas are quiet heavy on stomach but no one can stop at just one. They are made even richer when served with Rabdi (sweet condensed milk).




Another Pure Rajasthani indulgence, Ghevars are made only during Saawan (rainy months) so you have to visit the state in July, August to treat yourself. Ghevars are made with paneer (cottage cheese), flour and sugar syrup. Dry fruits and cream make Ghevar irresistible.


Mawa Kachori

mawa kachori

This sweet kachori filled with Mawa (condensed milk) is something that you can’t say no to. This calorie bomb will make you want to cheat on your diet every day.


Mohan Thaal

mohan thaal

Made of Besan (chickpea flour), Mohan Thaal has a very smoky taste that comes from roasting besan on low heat for a long time.




Also known as Makkhan Vada, this sweet treat is made of flour and sugar syrup. It is decorated with dry fruits and doesn’t has any other ingredient added to it but the flaky texture and luscious taste will make you fall in love.


Alwar Ka Milk Cake

alwar milk cake

Who doesn’t know about this heavenly sweet? Milk Cake is made with milk cooked on low heat. You may get milk cake anywhere in country but the one from Alwar is the best. Also try Mishri-Mawa which is something between Rabdi and Milk Cake.



Pyaaz Kachori

pyaaz kachori copy

The spicy kachoris with a filling of onion and potatoes are the most popular snacks in Rajasthan. Deep fried Kachoris are served with kadhi or mint-coriander chutney and are truly mouthwatering.


Mirchi Vada


It is made of fresh chilies that are way bigger than the normal ones. Chilies are slit and stuffed with yummy spiced potatoes. The stuffed chilies are then coated with besan paste and deep fried. Mirchi Vada is enjoyed best with mint and tamarind chutneys.


Kalmi Vada

kalmi vada

These crispy, savory discs are very popular in Rajasthan. Kalmi Vadas are made using a batter of Chana Daal (split black gram) seasoned with ginger, coriander, green chilies and asafoetida. Enjoy them for breakfast or as evening snack.

We are sure that you are already drooling and are ready to come to Rajasthan for a tremendous feast!

Image Source- Google unless mentioned otherwise (Ghevar pic from here)

Rajasthani Snacks : Food-Lovers’ Delight


Coming to Rajasthan and not savoring its popular local delicacies – not just done! Well, Rajasthani cuisine dishes are incredible when it comes to their variety. Known mostly for its enigmatic dishes, like dal-bati churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Bazre ki roti, the princely state of Rajasthan has more to delight food connoisseurs.

118_1rajasthani_thali                            Image Courtesy : Rajasthani Thali

Besides its never-ending desert and rich history, lip-smacking snacks of Rajasthan have their own specialty. Every snack has a distinctive flavor and texture, to please everyone’s taste-buds.

Mirchi Vada
This deeply fried snack is little spicy though but absolutely delectable. It’s highly popular and available across Rajasthan. Fresh fleshy giant green chilies with tasty and yummy spiced potatoes stuffing and gram flour coating make the basic recipe of Mirchi Vada. When taken a bite of this luscious namkeen snack with mint and tamarind chutney, there is an outburst of flavors into mouth to crave for more.

mirchi bajji 4                           Mirchi Vada (Image via Google)

Pyaaz ki Kachori
Originated in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan, this spicy circular shaped fried dish is popular in the whole Rajasthan. These deep fried pyaaz- kachoris are prepared by stuffing a lightly caramelized and exceptionally seasoned onion filling. Just a thought of steaming hot pyaz ki kachoris makes a mouth waters. They are super-duper delicious and are like a regular breakfast or evening snack in Rajasthan. You must try these crispy, flaky pyaaz ki kachoris with chutney while been in Rajasthan.

url                           Pyaaz ki Kachori (Image via Google)

Doodh Jalebi
These bright, sticky gold swirls are everyone’s hot favorite in Rajasthan. Sweet in taste, this delicious snack is fun to eat and thoroughly enjoyed by rajasthanis  with warm milk and in earthen pot. Whenever in Rajasthan, don’t forget to taste divine Rajasthani special garam-garam jalebis.

jalebi                          Jalebi (Image via Google)

Ghevar: The Festival Dessert of Rajasthan


“The belly rules the mind” goes a famous Spanish proverb, a phrase that Rajasthan, the land of the kings, is no stranger to. Rajasthani cuisine is a splendid combination of unique, spicy and colorful dishes. It’s incomplete without the description of Dal-Baati-Churma, a traditional wholesome meal of the state. Sweet dishes are never referred to as ‘dessert’ in Rajasthan, because unlike desserts which are had after the meal, Rajasthani sweets are had before, during and after the meal.


Teej Festival

The Months of July and August are perfect to talk about the much celebrated dessert in this season of special festivities. “Ghevar”,  an incredible Rajasthani Delicacy which is widely popular and traditionally associated with Teej Festival (locally called Saawan ki Teej) and Raksha Bandhan festival falling in the month of August in Rajasthan. It is a round mesh like disc-shaped fried delicacy drenched in sugar syrup and topped with sliced nuts and flavored rabri.


This Rajasthani festival Dessert is always a chart topper and savored in different styles; some enjoy it plain while others love it with the toppings of Mawa or Malai.  Ghevar also tastes great when it is eaten with hot Milk or Kheer.

Having such a variety in taste Ghevar can definitely satiate your sweet tooth pangs for the time being but cannot satisfy your need to have it again and again. “Padharo mahare des” is an apt phrase, which means: “Welcome to my state”, where you can experience the uniqueness that it has on offer and enhance it with the wonderful hospitality, food AND Sweet Dishes that Rajasthan is famed the world over…..