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Restoration work of the haunted Kuldhara village of Rajasthan began from September 11


From colorful clothes to the dark haunted places, Rajasthan is a state which doesn’t only attract tourists to the rich heritage it has but also to various stories that it carries in its baggage of secrets.

Kuldhara is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan which is known to be haunted. This tourist attraction site is made accessible to people by Rajasthan Government only in the daytime as it is said that no one can ever spend a complete night here. Its unresolved mystery fascinates a lot of travelers who keenly devote their time looking for answers. Some just visit to click pictures and others consider it an adventurous expedition.


The Kuldhara village is completely into ruins now and it’s just a few two-storied buildings that remain intact. There were some who tried to come back to the village but couldn’t stay. It is also said that curse comes to those who try to move even single pebble from its place.

Pic Courtesy: Gaurav Hajela

There are various stories connected as to why the place was abandoned. Some say that the ruler of the state imposed heavy taxes on the people due to which they has to move and the others say that the ruler loved a Brahmin girl and to save her from atrocities, everyone left the village. However, the true reasons stand unknown.

Kuldhara 2

Now, due to rising attraction to this place, Rajasthan Government started the restoration work on Sunday, September 11, 2016. During the restoration, there will be no fiddling with the original ancient heritage of Kuldhara, no structure including the houses would be relocated from the present location and the roads leading to Kuldhara will also be taken care of. The village will be conserved and beautified and will also be prevented from thefts of its ancient artefacts. As the village will regain its lost glory, it is considered that the tourism will also increase manifold.