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Rajasthan witnesses the festivities of Saawan Teej



Rajasthan is always bathed in the colours of fairs and festivals all round the year! Festival of every religion is celebrated here with true passion and similar beauty, be it welcoming or bidding farewell to a season, praying for the healthy life of spouse or any other small or big occasion for that matter. Each festival holds a significant importance in the lives of people in Rajasthan.


Teej Procession

One would not just feel the lively spirit of Rajasthan’s people around the festivals, but could also witness the rich culture of Rajasthan. And one such festival is Teej, which is falling today, 26th July this year 🙂 As per mythology, Teej was the day when Goddess Parvati reunited with Lord Shiva after a long separation. It is believed that whoever worships Parvati on this day is fortunate enough to get their desired life partner by her blessings. Sinjhara is celebrated one day prior to Teej when the swings are decked with flowers and hung from trees, women dressed in leheriya and decked with beautiful jewellery make merry and sing songs! Teej symbolizes celebration of growth when women observe fasts for the long life of their husbands and men pray for good rain and crop.

The Jaipur City of Rajasthan celebrates Teej with great pomp and fair. One day before Teej, a married woman receives Sinjhara from her parents, which is a hamper that includes bindi, vermilion, mehandi or henna, bangles, ghewar and Lehariya as a symbol of their love and covertures. She then adorns herself with henna, jewels, wear lahariya sari and take delight in the celebrations of this auspicious festival of Teej.

Teej Mata

On City level, a decorated procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur with chariots, elephants and dancers for two days. Other than the traditional procession of Goddess Teej, to showcase the charm and culture of Rajasthan this year  once again ‘Taal Katora Ki Paal’ will be the hub of a large number of folk and cultural events, where locals and tourists can enjoy the cultural activities. Later the Teej idols will be submerged at Taal Katora pond.

Tal KAtora

Teej Festival

Dancers on Teej


The tempting aromas of Ghewar being cooked on sweet shops, colourful lehariyas, and blossoming flowers and women folks decked up in their traditional best add more colours to the essence of jovial season.


Rajasthani Delicay- Ghewar

So if you also wish to join in the festivities of Saawan ki Teej in this beautiful weather, then visit Jaipur as the celebration will continue till 27th evening here!


Teej Procession attracted scores of tourists in the Pink city.


Teej procession

Organized with great verve and vigor, the vibrant procession of Teej on its first day was witnessed by hundreds of tourists, the travel fraternity and a huge local populace.

The procession began from Tripoliya Gate (City Palace), meandering its way through Tripolia Bazar and Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar to wind up at the Ponderik Park near Chaugan Stadium.

Teej procession Teej procession Teej procession Teej procession Teej Festival

There were camels, horses and cultural performances like Kachchi Ghodi, Gair, Kalbaliya and chakri dances entertained the spectators. The procession also  included beautifully decorated cannon carriage, bullock carts, horse carriage and decorated chariots accompanied by a number of performing bands.

The Sawari of Goddess Teej (Mata Parvati) was at the end followed by chobdar and traditionally dressed women with brightly decorated earthen pots on their head.

teej festival Teej Festival teej festival
One of the major tourist attraction in Jaipur-Rajasthan, Teej Festival every year is marked by Hindu women to worship Goddess Parvati for marital bliss, well being of spouse, children and purification of one’s own body and soul.


Teej festival concludes on a colorful note


Along with enjoying the monsoon showers and relishing Teej’s sweet delicacies such as fini and ghewar, those who thronged the Teej festival organized by the Department of Tourism also posed for pictures and clicked each other. The firang tourists, of course, were delighted. 

Showcasing the charm and culture of Rajasthan, the two-day monsoon fest kicked off with the traditional Teej procession led by decked up elephants, musical bands, chariots and folk performers in the walled city.

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The procession of the Teej Goddess began from the Tripoliya Gate and was the major attraction as the tourists got to see a little bit more of the traditional festival. Between trying to capture each and every moment of the procession on their cameras, the tourists also sampled the sweets and looked about at the items on sale at the Crafts Mela at JKK’s Shilpgram. This mela was done on the lines of a village fair, and had handicrafts shops with colourful ware, folk performances, elegantly decorated swings and, of course, the food court.

Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK Teej celebration at JKK

Bringing diverse music on the same platform, this mela also showcased the refined classical music of India with artistes like sufi singer Sonam Kalra, Kuchipudi dancer Shalu Jindal, and singer Vidya Shah performing at the Jawahar Kala Kendra.

Five days of Teej celebration with added 30 elephants at procession



The traditional Sawan Teej Festival will be organized from August 07 -11, 2013 in Jaipur. Other than the traditional procession of Goddess Teej, the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) will once again be the hub of a large number of folk and cultural events this year.

The traditional Teej procession with all its regal pomp and pageantry, will start on 09 August at 6 pm from the Tripoliya Gate (City Palace), winding its way through Tripolia Bazar and Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar to wind up at the Chaugan Stadium. The procession will also take place next day at the same time.

There is an enthusiastic wave of cheer and happiness among the tourists, the travel fraternity and the local populace due to the participation of 30 elephants as a special feature of the traditional Teej procession unlike last year’s ban on their use during the festivals.  The event will be led by an elephant which will carry the symbol. It will be followed by a mélange of cultural performances likes Kachhi Ghodi, Gair, Kalibaliya and chakri dances. The procession will include: a cannon carriage, bullock carts, horse baggi, decorated rath, horses and camels. A number of bands will also accompany the procession.  The sawari of the Goddess Teej will be almost at the end followed by chobdar.

Besides, the folk and cultural performances at JKK will begin from August 09, 2013 from 07.00pm onwards. On the first day there will be a performance by Shalu Jindal (Kuchipudi dance) followed by Vidya Shah (Sugam Sangeet). Next day, on August10, 2013, the visitors will be able to witness the well known Sufi Singer Sonam Kalra. On August11, 2013, will be folk music by Malini Awasthi followed by performances of the Rajasthani folk artistes.

A food and craft mela has also been organized from August 07 to 11, 2013 (from 2 pm to 10 pm) at Shilpgram in JKK. While visitors will be able to enjoy the ethnic Rajasthani food there will also a cultural bonanza by way of folk performances. A wide variety of handicrafts will also be available for sale.

Organized by the Department of Tourism, arrangements have been made for the tourists to photograph the procession from the terrace of the Hind Hotel opposite Tripoliya gate.