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Tiger Dynasty at Ranthambhore National Park



Rajasthan homes many tourist destinations. Among them, the place Ranthambore holds a unique attraction to sightseer. Needless to say, as Ranthambore National Park houses a large number of Bengal tigers that can be easily observed hunting and taking care of their young ones. Once the hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, the destination pulls the attention of myriad wildlife lovers and photographers every year.


Ranthambhore National Park, characterized by rocky plains and steep cliffs, also supports a diverse range of flora and fauna. offering a view of a variety of birds, Leopard, Langur(Monkey), Hyena, Caracal, Bears, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wild Boar,  marsh crocodiles and different species of Deer. Several water bodies are located inside the park that provide forest inhabitants a complete relief and gives more chances of tiger sighting during the scorching summer months.

A visit to the park is certainly going to be a treat for you, and every nature and wildlife lover. Watching tigers wandering around, numerous other species of cheery birds and animals are going to give you ‘never to be forgotten’ experience. Your one visit to the park will give you priceless moments, a happy tiger tale to take home back.


Apart from the park, other destinations in Ranthambore are the temple of Lord Ganesha and Ranthambore Fort. This magnificent fort of Ranthambore is maintained and preserved by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India). The Ranthambore Fort stands at the heart of the national park.

When to visit:

For the wildlife savvy, summers are the best time to visit Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary. Water is not plentiful so the animals come down to the watering holes to drink, the grass dies off and it’s easier to see tigers lying in their rest times.

Though the park is open from October to June, winter months are cold while the oppressive temperatures in summer months make it almost unbearable. February and March have pleasant weather, but the greatest chances of spotting a tiger are in April and May.

Experience the great outdoors and have a great holiday like never before, in the magical environs of Ranthambhore National park!