Jaipur Artist Mesmerizes Whitley Art Festival at U.K.


The artistic instincts of people of Rajasthan are on display in all aspects of life. A vast spectrum of forms of Art & Craft symbolize the life of Rajathanis include Music, pottery, drawing and painting etc. From crude painting using lime stone water on walls of rustic hut to golden laced decorative frescos on the wall and ceilings of Royal abodes, Art is omnipresent. Even the earthen pots of daily use are decorated by motifs which depict love for all type of art & craft of local folks.

earthen pots

In consonance to other globally acclaimed craft forms of Rajasthan, miniature paintings done on Ivory panels, leather, marble cloth and walls using natural colors extracted from vegetables, minerals, and precious stones, categorized as Kalam or style of painting prominent among which are Bundi, Kishangarh etc. has caught the fancy of art lovers all over the world. These kalams are artifacts of spiritual paintings, the theme of which is mostly Radha Krishna.



This noble art felt the neglect due to change in taste of connoisseurs who shifted their interest to contemporary art. An artistic family under the tutelage of Royals of Jaipur has vowed to conserve this art form and establish its past glory on global art horizon. The scion of the family, Ramu Ramdev along with his family has portrayed his skills at Whitely Arts festival held in U.K. between 16th and 18th. July 2015.

Image of Ramu Ramdev



This festival was witnessed by over 3,000 art lovers pouring from all over the world. This is Ramdev’s third participation in this festival. Along with demonstrating his skills to visitors Ramu imparted the basics of Art and conducted workshop on it.Ramu Ramdev i

Ramu Ramdev along with preserving miniature art in original form has done some experiments by fusion of contemporary art ideas such as paintings on animals. He has included Rajput and Mughal royalty in his works too.


Mughal prince

ramu ramdev ii


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