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When it’s morning in the Blue City!


If you are really looking forward to see vibrant colors in the stark desert of Rajasthan, backpack your stuff and head down to explore the blue city of Jodhpur. The legends say that Brahmins first started painting their houses blue to show their high position among the society. Sooner, it was followed by everyone else, which created this incredible contrast to this dusty desert town.

Jodhpur is a prominent city on a tourist map. It is common to see the attractions of Jodhpur. But we thought to do it bit differently. When the first ray of Sun falls on the blue city, we took our camera and went on to discover the streets of Jodhpur to capture the life of its people and their everyday rituals.

  1. An old man enjoying the morning sun while reading newspaper.

An old man enjoying the morning sun while reading newspaper.

  1. Lady in red walking through the streets carrying pot filled with water on her headRTB 2
  2. Birds in the morningRTB 3
  3. Girls on their way to schoolRTB 4
  4. A common feature in Indian houses- Clothesline in Balcony. A lady busy in hanging wet laundryRTB 5
  5. An old woman with her stick trying to grasp little sunRTB 6
  6. Panoramic view of the blue cityRTB 7
  7. Indigo Aura in the streetsRTB 4
  8. Alleyways in the old cityRTB 10
  9. Pilgrims at Mehrangarh Fort dressed in bright colorsRTB 11

Eco Tourism In The Border State Of Rajasthan


The state tourism and forest department is planning to start with the concept of eco-tourism the golden city of Rajasthan- Jaisalmer. With the large number of tourists visiting the picturesque town of Jaisalmer every year, this is another edition to showcase its beauty.


The itinerary for the tourists includes a ride in the western sandy Thar Desert for sightseeing of wildlife including our state animal camel, wildcat, godawan, deer, and various other species.



Along with this, to experience the real and true Rajasthani culture some hamlets in the National Desert Park of Jaisalmer have already been chosen for tourists to stay and enjoy the rich Rajasthani culture, art and craft. The whole tour of wildlife sightseeing would sum up within an hour, with the help of a young guide for all.


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Hope this great step helps to promote the rich colorful desert culture.

Jaipur Safari Now In a Glass Covered Bus


Jaipur finds the first glass covered double decker restro bus for a royal experience especially for the tourists. Virajosa Tourism Pvt Ltd discovered the bus- Jaipur Safari for giving a bird’s eye to the majestic Jaipur.

Jaipur Safari

Jaipur Safari serves you with the food of Gods on a comfortable cushion seat to experience the lavish life. Along with the exotic dining facility, it also has a fully equipped catering kitchen, mocktail bar and an audio-video guide system.

Jaipur Safari 1


It offers two programs during a day. The first is Jaipur Safari Tour in the morning from 7:00 am daily, providing breakfast, exquisite lunch and hi-tea accompanied with a mocktail drink. The other is Jaipur by Night which takes on at 7:00 pm daily providing lavish dinner.

Jaipur Safari 4

So feel the music of eternity and let every monument of majestic glory welcome you in Jaipur Safari to add into you magical and unforgettable moments.

Jaipur Safari 2


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Bagore Ki Haveli Is India’s Top Museum


Rajasthan added another feather in its cap! This year the list of Trip Advisor’s Traveler Award included some offbeat names which were even unheard by the Indian travelers and one such is destination is the Bagore Ki Haveli in Udaipur, which enriches the holiday experience by helping the visitors understand the glorious heritage of that place.


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Trip Advisor’s Traveler Choice Award threw a limelight on Rajasthan by awarding Udaipur’s Bagore Ki Haveli as the top museum in India. Bagore Ki Haveli is built on the banks of Lake Pichola in the Lake City of Rajasthan- Udaipur. It is an 18th century old mansion built by Amir Chand Badwa, Prime Minister of Mewar’s Royal Court but it was converted into a museum in the year 1986.

Bagore Ki Haveli

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The Haveli also provides a glimpse of the royal life and gives you a pleasure to wander. The Bagore Ki Haveli also showcases one hour night show from 7pm to 8pm followed by a Rajasthani folk dance performance by Dharohar, a dance group.


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Bagore Ki Haveli secured the top spot in India and 17th in Asia, making Rajasthan proud and making it shine in its glory.

The Fair of Ramdeora begins at Jaisalmer

Ram Deora

Ram Deora

A large annual fair is organized every year in the village of Ramdevra (Rajasthan) in memory of Baba Ram Dev. The fair is held every year in the months of August-September, which corresponds to the month of Bhaadon, according to the Hindu calendar. This year the 631st inter-state Ramdeora fair started on Tuesday. The fair began following traditional mangala aarti and the golden crown was placed at the baba`s Samadhi. In the western Rajasthan, this fair is considered equivalent to kumbh.
The village of Ramdevra is about 12 Kms from Pokhran in Jaisalmer.

People from all religions and caste gather to attend this annual fair in large numbers. They consider this time to be ideal to offer prayers and worship their deity Baba Ramdev. Throughout the fair, people sing and dance in happiness and devotion.


Baba Ramdev was well-known for certain magical, gifted powers, which led to his fame. Slowly and slowly he became very popular about his powers and gifted traits. Because of this five saints came from Mecca to test and verify his powers and if all that is said about him was true. After all the possible examination when they were convinced, they indeed paid homage to him. There is also a well in the same area which is supposed to have been built by Baba Ramdev himself. The local villagers consider the water of this well to be sacred and holy.
In 1931, the Maharaja of Bikaner, constructed a temple around the “Samadhi”.

Taste The Irresistible ‘Unified Flavors Of Punjab’ At Lalit Jaipur


The Lalit Hotel, Jaipur is celebrating the charismatic cuisine of Punjab from Sept 18- 27, 2015.

Jaipur Beat

‘Lassi da glass aur pind da swaad’, is your mind already floating in the mustard fields of Punjab where the entrancing aroma of spices is filling up your senses? Well, ours was when we visited the ‘Unified Flavours of Punjab’ festival at Lalit Jaipur today.


While we thought it would be a regular Punjabi food festival with a modern taste and feel, we were pleasantly mistaken. In a truly delicious experience, Chef de cuisine – Jaspratap Bindra a.k.a Jassi and Executive Chef – Ajay Mathur shared with us the nostalgic and beautiful stories of Punjab and how he brought along with him the secret behind the authentic Punjabi cuisine.  They blended the unmatched taste and rustic feel of Punjab in the spices of food preparations at Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination (Ranked No. 1 in Jaipur by Tripadvisor in the food festival.


The table was set with tangy pickles that…

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Engross In The Art Of Shekhawati Region @Momasar Folk Festival


The Shekhawati Utsav- Momasar Folk Festival is a two day event, which is organized by the Jaipur Virasat Foundation that offers an opportunity, especially for the youth, to connect with rural folks. It showcases the rich culture, heritage, stories, art and cuisine of the local communities of Shekhawati region.

Jaipur Virasat

This year it’ll be inaugurated on the 18th September 2015 with Baal Mela. The Baal Mela is a special feature for children to make them aware about the art and craft of their regions as well as the state of Rajasthan. It also includes a 5 day painting workshop in association with Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur along with the screening of two documentaries relating to water conservation and pertaining to our heritage respectively.


On the 19th September 2015, Shekhawati utsav will entail a Folk Festival which will unite approximately 200 folk artists from across the state of Rajasthan to showcase their skills and keep the state’s rich culture and traditions alive.


So come and enjoy the prosperous heritage of Shekhawati and enrich in the beauty of its art and music.