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The Best of Jodhpur: Blue City’s Top Tourist Attractions

The Best of Jodhpur: Blue City’s Top Tourist Attractions

Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha. The city is known as Blue City because of old houses that are painted blue from the outside. Sun City is another name given to Jodhpur because the place is always sunny.

Jodhpur has everything that attracts a tourist- magnificent buildings, vibrant markets and delicious food. Plan your next vacation in the beautiful city and you will be enchanted. You shouldn’t miss these experiences when in Jodhpur-



The most breathtaking fort in Jodhpur is the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. It is situated on a 150m high hill. Rao Jodha constructed the fort in 1459. You will be amazed by its grandness. There is also a museum within the fort that showcases armors, robes, jewellery, palanquins and other royal artifacts. Other attractions of the fort include palaces, galleries, and temples.

You have to try zip-lining at Mehrangarh. Zooming across the fort while you are suspended from a rope will give you the ultimate adrenalin rush.


Jaswant Thada

jaswant thada

Jaswant Thada lies to the left of the Mehrangarh fort complex. It is a royal cenotaph made up of white marble. It was built in 19th century to commemorate Maharaja Jaswant Singh. The Mausoleum glows in the sunlight because of the thin marble used in its construction.


Sadar Bazar

sadar bazaar jodhpur

This is the place to get your shopping fix. The market has the traditional Jodhpuri Leheriya print in colors you might have never seen before. Jutis in a wide variety of designs from Jodhpur are also must buys. Shop for spices too especially the hot red chilies.


Clock Tower

Clock Tower jodhpur

While in Sadar Bazaar, you should not miss the functional clock tower. Amid the hustle bustle of the market, the century old clock is still ticking to glory.


Sardar Government Museum

sardar government museum jodhpur

You will find a lot about the history of the Blue City here. The museum built in 1909 has a great collection of miniature paintings, sculptures, ancient inscriptions, terracotta artwork, ancient coins, metallic objects, arms and stuffed toys.

You will also find a zoo and a library in the museum premises.


Osian Temples

osian temples

The temples are located in Thar Desert about 65 kilometers from Jodhpur. Osian is also known as Khajuraho of Rajasthan and has temples dating back to 8th and 11th centuries. There are 18 temples in total and the most famous are- Sun Temple, Jain Temple and Kali Temple.


Mandore Gardens

mandore gardens

Mandore is another ancient town near Jodhpur. It is believed that demon king Ravana got married here. There is also a temple dedicated to Ravana in the town.

You have to visit Mandore Gardens to see the Temple of 33 Crore Hindu Gods. The garden also has artistic cenotaphs, high rock terraces and memorials.



lake jodhpur

There are also some picturesque lakes in the Sun City. Rajsamand Lake, Kaylana Lake and Takhat Sagar Lake are popular among tourists.


Marwar Festival

Marwar Festival

The Marwar Festival is held in memory of the chivalrous heroes of Rajasthan. Originally known as the “Maand Festival”, Marwar Festival is devoted to music and dance of Marwar region of Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated for two days starting from Sharad Purnima. Dance and music of Marwar region is the main attraction of the fest. Various games are also organized here for spectators. You can enjoy are horse polo, horse rides and cattle games.


Jodhpur RIFF

jodhpur riff

Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) is organized at Mehrangarh Fort every year on the occasion of Sharad Purnima. The four day festival has been endorsed by UNESCO as a “People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development”. The festival is organized in October and you can enjoy dance, music and other folk performances of not only Rajasthan but from all around the globe.


Mawa Kachori

mawa kachori

A visit to Jodhpur is incomplete if you do not tickle your taste-buds with the sweet Mawa Kachori. It is a puffed pastry made of flour which is filled with sweet condensed milk and dry fruits.


Umaid Bhawan

umaid bhawan

One of the most fascinating palaces of Jodhpur is the Umaid Bhavan palace. Maharaja Umaid Singh constructed it in 20th century. A part of the palace has now been converted into a hotel and a museum.

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Soon, You Will be Able to Glide over the Lakes of Udaipur

Soon, You Will be Able to Glide over the Lakes of Udaipur

Udaipur is a city with indescribable beauty. Shimmering lakes, lavish palaces and bustling markets- Udaipur amazes everyone. Many of you might have wondered how the city looks from top and the Karni Mata Ropeway feeds this fancy. Now it’s time to get adventurous and fly over the city of lakes!

RTB - Udaipur

From November, Parasailing will be started in Udaipur. For the uninitiated, parasailing is an adventure sport where you glide in the air while wearing a parachute. The parachute is tied to a motorboat so you don’t have to worry about anything.

parasailing in udaipur

How wonderful the experience will be! We are sure that you are already excited and can’t wait for November. Another good news is that bike-sharing service will also be started in Udaipur.

Start planning your trip to Udaipur now!

Rajasthan to celebrate Sawan Teej festival on 5th-6th August!


Festivals are synonymous to Rajasthan. The vibrant culture of fascinating state of Rajasthan can not be experienced if you have not witnessed one of its many festivals!

The most beguiling is the Sawan Teej Festival celebrated in Jaipur with great pomp and show every year. This year it will be celebrated on August 5th and 6th 2016!

teej festival

About Teej Festival though is fêted all over the state, but celebrated at its colorful best in Jaipur. The festival is celebrated to welcome the advent of monsoon, also dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva after a penance of a hundred years. The mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur with chariots, elephants and dancers for two days.

Other than the traditional procession of Goddess Teej, to showcase the charm and culture of Rajasthan this year ‘Taal Katora Ki Paal’ will also be the hub of a large number of folk and cultural events, where locals and tourists can enjoy the cultural activities. Later the Teej idols will be submerged at Taal Katora pond.

Tal KAtora.jpg

The tempting aromas of Ghewar being cooked on sweet shops, colourful lehariyas, and blossoming flowers and women folks decked up in their traditional best and henna on hands add more colours to the essence of jovial season.


Travel Tip

The government of Rajasthan state arranges a special sitting area for foreign tourists, for comfortable viewing and to photograph the procession from the terrace of the Hind Hotel opposite Tripoliya gate.

If you are in India around that time of the year, you should try to make arrangements to attend and experience this festival.

Must Carry– Camera to capture elaborated Teej procession


Street Eats

You must try the special Teej sweet, GHEVAR and Feeni

Ghewar - RTB

Must Shop– Special tie and die pattern, called LEHARIYA, is must buy.

rajasthali 5

Travel between Delhi- Jaipur by Alliance Air!


Good news for those travelling between Delhi- Jaipur as a new flight service by Alliance Air started yesterday from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Rajasthan’s capital city Jaipur. The flight AI 9I 643 will operate three times in a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Apart from corporate travellors, the flight is quite a convenient option for tourists visiting Jaipur as the passengers can return to Delhi and Jaipur on the same day.

Looking at the needs of daily travellors between these Delhi- Jaipur, a new flight by Alliance Air  is welcomed by one and all 🙂

A Delicious Food Trail of Rajasthan

A Delicious Food Trail of Rajasthan

Indians love eating and when it comes to Indian cuisines, the love becomes even stronger. Food from Rajasthan is not limited to the state and enjoyed by people everywhere. But the fact remains that if you want to get the authentic taste, you have to be in Rajasthan.

The state has a huge variety of main course dishes, desserts and snacks. There are way too many to list here so we are presenting the food items that are the most popular and are highly tempting-

Daal Baati

Dal Baati

Everybody even remotely interested in Indian food knows about this integral part of Rajasthani cuisine. Bati is basically a baked ball of whole wheat flour. You even get Bati stuffed with veggies and dry fruits.

Daal is a spicy preparation of lentils which completes Bati. Mirchi Ke Tapore is another side dish made of green chillies which is served with Daal Bati.


Laal Maas

Lal Maans

Laal Maas or Red Mutton is a delight for every non-vegetarian foodie. The spicy dish was a favorite of royals and still enjoys a dedicated following. Laal Maas is very hot and spicy thanks to a whole lot of red chilies added to it.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatta Curry

Besan or Chickpea flour dumplings are the main elements of this curry. These dumplings or Gatte are dunked in the thick gravy and taste heavenly with both Roti and rice. For a royal twist, Gatte are filled with nuts and dry fruits too. This richer version is known as Govind Gatte.

Besides Gatte Ki Sabzi, Gatte ka Pulao (rice) is also a delicious take on Gatte.


Papad Ki Sabzi

papad ki sabzi

Ever imagined that the crispy Papads can be turned into curry? Well, you will not be able to resist Papad soaked in yummy gravy.

Rajasthan specializes in turning crispies into curries as you will even find savory curry made with Besan Sev only in this state. Both these curries find perfect match in hot chapattis.


Safed Maas

safed maas

This mutton recipe is a little on the sweet side. The cashew-nut gravy and curd lend a truly indulgent taste to this curry. Safed Maas has flavors of cumin, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom.


Ker Sangri

Ker sangri

Ker is a berry while Sangri is a kind of bean. These two are combined to create a tangy dish that is a must in every Marwari wedding. This is a side dish which can enhance the flavor of any meal.




Kadhi is cooked in different styles in many regions of India. Rajasthani Kadhi is made with Besan like most other varieties of Kadhi but it is spicy. It is made even tastier with the addition of besan pakoda.

If you see kadhi without Pakodas in Rajasthan, don’t be surprised as it is served without them along with daal bati and snacks.


Mangodi KI Sabzi

Methi Mangodi

Mangodi is prepared with paste of grounded moong daal & spices and then dried under sun for a few days. These mangodis are then used to make a curry with spicy gravy. Enjoy the sabzi with rotis.





Daal Bati finds its perfect companion in the decadent flavors of Churma. Churma is made with whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. Churma tastes great whether enjoyed in its crushed form or as laddoos.




These little ‘pancakes’ quoted with nutty sugar syrup are the ultimate indulgence. Malpuas are quiet heavy on stomach but no one can stop at just one. They are made even richer when served with Rabdi (sweet condensed milk).




Another Pure Rajasthani indulgence, Ghevars are made only during Saawan (rainy months) so you have to visit the state in July, August to treat yourself. Ghevars are made with paneer (cottage cheese), flour and sugar syrup. Dry fruits and cream make Ghevar irresistible.


Mawa Kachori

mawa kachori

This sweet kachori filled with Mawa (condensed milk) is something that you can’t say no to. This calorie bomb will make you want to cheat on your diet every day.


Mohan Thaal

mohan thaal

Made of Besan (chickpea flour), Mohan Thaal has a very smoky taste that comes from roasting besan on low heat for a long time.




Also known as Makkhan Vada, this sweet treat is made of flour and sugar syrup. It is decorated with dry fruits and doesn’t has any other ingredient added to it but the flaky texture and luscious taste will make you fall in love.


Alwar Ka Milk Cake

alwar milk cake

Who doesn’t know about this heavenly sweet? Milk Cake is made with milk cooked on low heat. You may get milk cake anywhere in country but the one from Alwar is the best. Also try Mishri-Mawa which is something between Rabdi and Milk Cake.



Pyaaz Kachori

pyaaz kachori copy

The spicy kachoris with a filling of onion and potatoes are the most popular snacks in Rajasthan. Deep fried Kachoris are served with kadhi or mint-coriander chutney and are truly mouthwatering.


Mirchi Vada


It is made of fresh chilies that are way bigger than the normal ones. Chilies are slit and stuffed with yummy spiced potatoes. The stuffed chilies are then coated with besan paste and deep fried. Mirchi Vada is enjoyed best with mint and tamarind chutneys.


Kalmi Vada

kalmi vada

These crispy, savory discs are very popular in Rajasthan. Kalmi Vadas are made using a batter of Chana Daal (split black gram) seasoned with ginger, coriander, green chilies and asafoetida. Enjoy them for breakfast or as evening snack.

We are sure that you are already drooling and are ready to come to Rajasthan for a tremendous feast!

Image Source- Google unless mentioned otherwise (Ghevar pic from here)

5 Wellness Destinations of Rajasthan

5 Wellness Destinations of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its grand forts, vibrant clothes, tempting food and traditional values. Keeping up with the old traditions, the state is a good option for those looking for Naturopathy treatments. Mostly the South of India is known for wellness centres but Rajasthan is not far behind. For those who come to visit the state and want some relaxing time, there are some very good Naturopathy Centres. Rajasthan is also a good option for holistic healing if you don’t want to travel much.

Naturopathy is considered alternative therapy for treatment of various ailments. Many health problems can be cured with just the natural treatments. These treatments cure not just your body but also make your inner-self feel rejuvenated. Rajasthan has to be your next wellness destination-


1.Nature Cure Centre, Jaipur

Prakritik Chiktsalaya jaipur

This centre is located in the heart of the city and is popularly known as Prakritik Chiktsalaya. The centre is especially popular for providing relief from asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, obesity, jaundice, spondylitis and arthritis. The non-invasive treatments provided at this centre include mud baths, water therapy, fasting and sunbathing.


2.Government Yogic Treatment cum Research Centre, Jaipur

life style

This centre is a great option for people suffering from asthma and diabetes. As the name suggests, Government Yogic Treatment cum Research Centre is also a place where yogic methods are taught and researched. The centre set up in 1961 provides free accommodation to its patients.


3.National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur

National Institute of Ayurveda Jaipur

This impressive institute was started back in 1946 and has 13 medicinal departments. It also has a hospital that follows Ayurvedic methods of treatment. The centre is good not only for cure but also for prevention of many diseases.


4.Vipassana Dhamma Thali Centre for Meditation

Vipassana Dhamma Thali Centre for Meditation

The organization has centres in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Pushkar and Churu. Vipassana is a universal, scientific method towards purifying the mind. According to the institute, the technique of Vipassana is a simple, practical way to achieve real peace of mind and to lead a happy, useful life. Vipassana means “to see things as they really are”; it is a logical process of mental purification through self-observation.

If you are new to Vipassana, start with a 10 day course. Experienced people can also join courses of 20, 30 and 45 days.


5.Sri Mahaveerji Sansthan, Sawai Madhopur

Sri Mahaveerji Sansthan Sawai Madhopur

This institute is well known for its relaxing mud baths. You can come here to get cured of respiratory and digestive troubles. The atmosphere here is very calm which aids in healing.

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6 Sound And Light Shows in Rajasthan

6 Sound And Light Shows in Rajasthan

The play of lights always fascinates people. It becomes even more interesting when it tells beautiful stories. Sound And Light Shows are a really great way of making people acquainted with the history and culture of a place and its people. Some enthralling Sound and Light Shows make visiting Rajasthan a truly lovely experience so make them a part of your trip-

1.Amber Fort, Jaipur

Light & Sound

Relive the rich history of Amber in a picturesque setting here! The son-et-lumière at Amber fort and palace complex takes you through local legends and folklore with folk music and mesmerizing voice of Amitabh Bachchan. While you enjoy the spectacular show at Amber Fort in front of you, you cannot ignore the surrounding hills and the imposing Jaigarh Fort.


2.Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

sound-and-light-show- jantar mantar

Light & Sound Show at Jantar Mantar

A mesmerizing show at a UNESCO World Heritage site has got to be amazing. The Sound and Light Show at Jantar Mantar is basically educational but it is really interesting. It tells you about the history of the place, a bit about astronomy and the importance of the instruments at Jantar Mantar.


3.Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajsamand


The Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the grandest forts in the state and it never ceases to hypnotize visitors. The Sound And Light Show has added to the opulence of the fort. The show takes you through the history of the fort in the most magnificent way possible.


4.Akbari Quila, Ajmer

akbari quila ajmer sound and light show

The musical extravaganza takes you to historic days portraying the valor of Rajput ruler Prithviraj Chauhan, the history of Mughal kings while in Ajmer, including the significant treaty signed by Jahangir and Sir Thomas Roe with the religious significance of Pushkar. The 45-minute sound and light show is narrated by renowned lyricist Gulzar.




Light & Sound at Chittorgarh Fort

The stories of bravery of the kings, queens and warriors of this fort will excite you for sure. The 58 minutes show begins with King Chitrangada who made Chittor his capital. The show then progresses to stories of Bappa Rawal, Rani Padmini, Meera Bai, Rana Kumbha and Panna Dhai.


6.The Mewar Sound and Light Show, Udaipur

Mewar Sound and Light Show

Unlike the above shows which are run by government, this is a private show conducted every evening at the magnificent Manek Chowk in The City Palace. The show narrated by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur introduces you to the engrossing history of Mewar.

Sariska Tiger Reserve Starts Monsoon Safari

Sariska Tiger Reserve Starts Monsoon Safari

Here’s some good news for wildlife lovers- You can visit Sariska Tiger Reserve even in monsoon now. Yes the officials have started safaris in the Sariska buffer zone from 1st July, 2016. This safari in buffer zone does not focus on catching a glimpse of the elusive tigers rather it has been started to get people acquainted with Sariska Forest.



The national parks in Rajasthan including Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Keolado National Park, Darrah Sanctuary, Sajjangarh Santuary, Kumbalgarh Sanctuary, Desert national Park, Mount Abu Sanctuary, SitaMata Sanctuary and Tal Chapper Sanctuary have been shut till 30th September. Sariska is the place where you can still go for wildlife sightings and an adventure in the forests.


The safaris will be carried out on 3 new routes and tourists will be taken to Silisedh, Balakila and Dadikar areas in Sariska’s buffer zone. 20 new vehicles have been plied for the safari and 30 nature-guides will help tourists in understanding the affluence of Sariska Forest. We say that you should lap up this opportunity if you are a nature aficionado!


Rajasthali Emporium- Best Place To Shop In Jaipur


Rajasthan is a home for arts and artisans. Whenever you travel here, you won’t be able to leave empty handed. The artistic outputs will definitely spellbind you. One such place that brings together everything under one roof for all shopping enthusiasts is Rajasthali which is located on M.I. Road, Jaipur. This is the Rajasthan Government’s sole handicraft emporium which provides a platform to small artisans from various parts of the colorful state to showcase their craftsmanship.

rajasthali 3

Handcrafted products such as hand-woven/ vegetable dyed/ hand-block printed fabric, furniture, blue pottery, terracotta pottery, paintings, silver and lac jewellery,  etc. among many other traditional products from various parts of the desert state are put forward for the customers to take benefits of. Some of the iconic styles have even reached the international markets where they are being largely appreciated.

rajasthali 2


In fact, recently, a Bangladeshi fashion designer and former international model, B.B. Russell opened her brand outlet of products created and sourced from Rajasthan in the showroom here. Ms. Russell who has been working in Rajasthan with local artisans and craft persons for the past couple of years has displayed the creative apparel and innovative accessories in the 240 square feet outlet of the first floor of Rajasthali.


The talents are called upon from the interiors of the state and are given a stage to promulgate their artistic attributes. They belong to different regions and carry out various unique techniques belonging to their region. For example: Kotadoriya sarees from Kota, Akola print tasser sarees from Udaipur.

rajasthali 5


Anyone coming to Jaipur must buy Rajasthani crafts & textiles from here as this is where they get authentic stuff which is high in quality at really competitive prices. Moreover, you don’t have to wander hither and thither in search of stuff as you will find them all under one roof.

rajasthali 4

Hope your quest for shopping gets satisfied here and you take back beautiful handcrafted memories along with you.

Enjoy Holidaying in Jaipur, Rajasthan with Zone By The Park

Enjoy Holidaying in Jaipur, Rajasthan with Zone By The Park

The love for travelling keeps many of us going. Travel is a great refresher and when it comes to travelling in India, Rajasthan provides an eclectic mix of places. The Pink City, Jaipur is one of the most loved tourist hubs of the state. When we think of Jaipur, the images of mouthwatering food, vibrant clothes and alluring jewellery come to our mind, not to mention the ‘pink’ connection!

The fact is that Jaipur is more than all this. The city is an experience that you can get only when you are here. Just one glance at the city will make you fall in love with its beauty. When you are in such a breathtaking place, your time of rest has to be really refreshing and amazing. A hotel in Jaipur offers you a truly rejuvenation experience and that is Zone by the Park.


Zone by the Park is a trusted chain of hotels all over India and their property in Jaipur is incredible. Starting with the stylish façade of the building to the services, you will enjoy the Stay in Jaipur. Zone By The Park is located in the posh Bani Park area of Jaipur. Bani Park is well connected with the rest of the city so moving around is very easy. The hotel is built on the concept of meeting and socializing so it has an open setting. There are ‘Mini Zones’ in lobby for the ones who want to have their own space.


Now let’s talk about what’s waiting for you inside the Best Hotel in Jaipur!



 Zone by the Park Jaipur has rooms of all kinds. Whether you are coming solo or with a group, there are well appointed rooms to cater to your needs. This Accommodation in Jaipur has rooms with modern interiors and comes with all the luxurious facilities that you need for a comfortable stay. Soft beds, big windows, stylish bathrooms, work desks and sitting corners, everything is in place. The rooms have Wi-Fi connectivity and large HD televisions too. You can even block the light and noise at any time of the day. We assure you that there is a lot more in there.



budget hotel in jaipur

For Food, you get two spots at this hotel in Jaipur- Bazaar Restaurant and Playa by Zone Restaurant and Bar. Bazaar is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delectable food in a bright and open setting. The restaurant features live cooking station and a pizzeria. Bazaar also has a quirky street-style food cart.

zone by the park jaipur (1)

At Playa, you can enjoy quick bites on rooftop by pool-side. If you would rather have your food in bed, we serve it that way too.



zone by the park jaipur (2)

This Budget Hotel in Jaipur has a well equipped gym with all the required machines to keep your workout going.


If you want to feel pampered, Zone has a spa that will take away all your tiredness after a long day.



stay in jaipur

Another highlight of the beautiful hotel is a pool on the rooftop. You can lie down by the pool side and read your favorite book or work or generally have some laidback moments.



best hotel in jaipur

This place to stay in jaipur also has a meeting room and a banquet hall. These rooms come with modern facilities like audio-visual equipments. You can organize any kind of event at these halls. The banquet hall can easily accommodate up to 250 people.



If you book your room 7 days in advance you get 15% off. You can even avail 20% discount when booking 14 days in advance. You can get 15% discount even when booking 3 days prior if you are staying for a longer duration.

We love Zone by the Park Jaipur and are sure that a stay here will recharge you too. This is a Corporate Hotel in Jaipur but is perfectly suitable for all types of travelers!

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